Bose SoundSport Headphones

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Good sound quality, durable design. Waterproof, Apple and Android compatibility, Comfortable case, No charging required.


They do not have external fastening, they are wired.

Bose SoundSport Sports Headphones: comfortable and durable

Bose SoundSport Pulse

The SoundSport headphones represent an excellent choice for sports. In fact, these Bose headphones for sports are the best we can find in the range of Bose wired headphones.

They come in a wide variety of colors, the material of construction is top quality, and their resistance to liquids such as sweat and water make them an excellent choice when buying.

They are a lightweight headphones that makes them have a good position among the most comfortable headphones for sports. Below, we leave you with the main features that keep them in the TOP 10 of the best sports helmets.

Exclusive Bose design

These Bose Soundsport headphones are designed with exclusive “Bose In Ear” technology that makes them remain attached to the ear, although they do not have external support on the pinna like others.

The key to the In-Ear technology is the soft silicone ear tips that provide a seal in the ear canal, as well as small soft material supports that adapt to the inner contour of the ear.

Bose SoundSport Colors

The Bose Soundsport headphones are extremely discreet, as well as the smallest sports headphones we can get on the market. They have beautiful two-tone color combinations on the terminations and cable, and are available in blue, green, gray, gray, black, white and orange.

In practice, they match almost any color shoe or shirt you wear while training. We really liked that Bose thought of this detail given the variety of running shoe colors.

If you’re concerned about durability and resistance, these Bose Soundsport headphones are designed to last: their waterproof cover gives them extra life, ideal for outdoor use in all kinds of conditions.

The adjustment of the Bose Soundsport headphones is very simple: in the following video we show you how the ear adhesion system designed by the Bose company works to hold them firmly enough.

Convenience and comfort: one of its strengths

If you don’t mind carrying cables, this is one of the best options available. Whether you use the wireless headphones for running or these ones we are reviewing, which are wired, their design is designed to maintain comfort and support.

These sports helmets withstand sweat and water splashes very well, but cannot be submerged. That is, they cannot be used for swimming, they are not waterproof.

Bose SoundSport snowboard

The cable of the Bose Soundsport headphones has a length of just over 1 meter. Enough not to get tangled while practicing an exercise routine or simply running. In addition, it comes with a circular-shaped case of neoprene very low weight with clasp and hook fastener. The case looks great and is handy for storing our headphones.

The 3.5 mm connector is straight and easily adapts to most of the covers of our mobile terminals.

They do not belong to the range of Bluetooth running headsets. However, they fit our ears very well. The truth is that once we are focused on the physical activity and our favorite music, we will no longer pay attention to the cable.

The integrated controller is also very well designed, the buttons are comfortable and very easy to reach, this is particularly useful if we don’t want to lose the rhythm of running while fast forwarding a song, answering a call or invoking Siri, Cortana or Google Now.

On the integrated control we also find the microphone with which we can have conversations and we can easily switch between the music we listen to and the calls.

Another important aspect to note is their light weight (17 grams), which makes them comfortable to wear for many hours.

Sound of the Bose Soundsport

The design and development team of the brand has been improving its devices for years, so that these Bose headphones have significant improvements in sound quality. The Bose headphones have TriPort technology that provides an improved sound experience.

Although they do not fully isolate ambient sound, the Bose SoundSport sports headphones manage to cover the full range of sound quite well.

If we are running down the street or riding a bicycle we might be interested in its characteristic of not being totally isolated from the surrounding noise, on the other hand, if we train in quiet places we will be able to appreciate the details of the music we are listening to.

After testing them, we would rate the sound quality of the Bose Soundsport headphones as very good. The bass resonates very clearly, passing through the mid-tones of the voices enriched with high tones that sparkle well but could have a minimum attenuation, however, it is practically imperceptible.

Bose Soundsport Headphones: Optimized for High Fidelity Sound

There are experts who classify them with better sound quality than the PowerBeats by Dre or the Sony but in our opinion it is a matter of taste. Bose achieves good records of the sound that is reproduced in them, it could be said that, like the Beats brand, they possess a own distinction. If you own mobile devices with Dolby Surround or Hi-Fi high fidelity from any developer you will enjoy a very good ambient sound experience right in your ears. For most ears its sound quality is very good and pleasant, of course the extremely demanding ones might have some objection in certain high registers.


The Bose Soundsport headphones are fully compatible with devices of the famous Apple brand. For the Iphone we will need a device with Bluetooth connection since Apple has eliminated the 3.5mm female connector in its latest models. For the case of devices such as the iPhone 7 in which the 3.5mm audio port has been removed there is also the Bose SoundSport bluetooth version and the SoundSport Pulse model with heart rate measurement.

Bose SoundSport Golf Rory McIlroy

No batteries: the advantage of wired sports helmets

Although it may seem obvious, it is worth noting that, in contrast to the wireless headsets these do not require battery chargingare inserted in the 3.5mm connector and we have it ready to go running, this is particularly attractive for those who do not want to be aware of the battery charge constantly.

Another advantage is that since the rechargeable batteries do not have to be housed inside, they have a fairly low weight of about 18 grams.


Most fans of Bose headphones attest that these devices are built to last and have managed to develop very good sound quality. As long as you’re not looking for wireless headphones, these Bose headphones will give you satisfaction while taking care of your health. The Bose SoundSport sports headphones offer high quality in all aspects for a more than reasonable price, we are sure it could fulfill your expectations. Have you got your teeth set? Find the best prices on Amazon.

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Technical specificationsBose SoundSport (with cables)
Headset TypeIn Ear
ColorsBlack, white, green, yellow and red
Weight17.8 g
Frequency response45Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL)– dB
Water resistantYes
Connections3.5 mm jack
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