How to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC?

connect bluetooth speakers to windows 7 pc

If you want to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PCs, you have come to the right page. You can connect any type of Bluetooth devices to your PC. Most new PCs and laptops integrate this wireless technology. Also, if they don't have it, you can get a USB Bluetooth adapter for a very affordable price.

It is a bit more difficult to connect Bluetooth speakers to a Windows 7 PC, compared to a smartphone. However, it is a very simple and quick process. In this article we will tell you all the necessary steps you need to follow to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7, 8 or 10 PCs.

How to connect your Bluetooth speakers to Windows 10?

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device. If you want to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7, 8 or 10, the first step is to turn on your computer.

We also recommend that you keep the loudspeaker nearby before attempting the connection. The new versions of Bluetooth work with a very wide range. In any case, it is better to keep them close at the beginning to avoid problems. If your computer does not work with Bluetooth connectivity, purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter. You can check our comparison of the best Bluetooth audio receivers on the market.

  • Make sure that the speaker is in synchronization mode. If your device is active for synchronization, the PC will find it and will be able to make the connection.

Normally, you only need to turn on the device to put it into pairing mode, although many Bluetooth speakers integrate dedicated buttons for Bluetooth connectivity. They also usually have LED lights to indicate that they are ready for connection.

  • Press the Action Center icon. This is located to the right of the clock in the taskbar.
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on, if it is turned off. When wireless connectivity is on, the box in which the symbol appears changes to blue. In addition, the system tells you whether it is activated or deactivated with words.
  • Click on the connection box under Bluetooth in the Action Center. The icon of a screen with a phone or tablet appears. Your computer will then search for Bluetooth devices that are in range to connect.
  • Finally, select the device you want to connect. The equipment usually has a name that is easy to identify, although sometimes they are presented with the serial number. To find out the name of your device check the user manual.
how to connect bluetooth speakers to pc wndows 7

Windows 8.1

  • Turn on your Bluetooth device.
  • Put the Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode so that the computer can find it. Many models integrate a dedicated button for this function, although some speakers only need to be turned on.
  • Click on Start (the Windows icon). It is usually located at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Type Bluetooth in the search bar.
  • Select Bluetooth settings in the search results.
  • Turn the Bluetooth switch to the On position (blue color). When the switch is blue, the computer can search for other devices to achieve connection.
  • Select the Bluetooth device from the list that appears on the screen.
  • Click on synchronize and you are done. Now you can enjoy your audio through wireless speakers. As with Windows 10, you will probably need to enter a code. To do so, just follow the instructions on the screen.
how to connect bluetooth speakers to PC WIndows 7

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7 or Vista PC?

  • Turn on your device. The first step to connect Bluetooth speaker to PC is the same on all operating systems.
  • Make sure that the bluetooth speakers are in synchronization mode. The latest models usually integrate LED lights that indicate that they are in synchronization status. Some enter connection mode by simply turning them on and others have dedicated buttons for this function.
  • Open the PC control panel. You can do this by clicking on the start menu and then on control panel.
  • Select add device in the Hardware and Sound section on the right side of the window. The system will now search for Bluetooth devices that can be connected.
  • Select your speakers and then the option: next.

Here are all the steps you need to know to connect your Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 PCs. We hope we have helped you with this simple and concise guide. For more information about Bluetooth speakers, please visit our website. For example, you can check our guide on How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time? We also recommend you visit the articles on powerful Bluetooth speakers and mini Bluetooth speakers.

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