How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV? Concise guide with all the necessary steps

Conectar auriculares Bluetooth a TV LG

If you're looking for info on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TVs, this is the article for you. Wireless TV headphones are very convenient. They allow you to enjoy your favorite movies or shows without disturbing anyone, they save you the hassle of wires and you can use whatever volume you want.

Honestly, the process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to LG Smart TVs is very simple. However, if you're new to technology, you may need some info. Don't worry, in this article we explain step by step what you need to do to start enjoying your wireless headphones. Plus, we tell you how you can get wireless connectivity with a Bluetooth transmitter, in case your TV is old.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TV with a transmitter?

Connecting an LG TV to a Bluetooth headset is simple. The process is very similar no matter what brand of TV you have, but in this case, we'll explain the steps to achieve pairing with an LG model. However, first, we'll tell you what you need to do if your TV doesn't have built-in wireless technology.

All new LG Smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled. However, older models don't have this technology. This shouldn't be a cause for concern. If this is the case, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your LG TV with a Bluetooth TV audio adapter. These devices are small and very cheap. They allow you to wirelessly connect headphones, speakers, and any audio equipment to your LG Bluetooth TV without any problems.

The most important thing when purchasing a Bluetooth audio receiver is to check the connections on your LG Bluetooth TV. For example, if your 4K TV only has optical audio inputs, you'll need to look for a transmitter with these connections. We recommend you check our comparison of the best Bluetooth audio receivers to find the ideal model.

The process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to LG TVs with a transmitter is quick and easy. You just need to connect the transmitter to your TV's USB port for power. Then, press the dedicated pairing buttons on both the adapter and the headphones. When the indicator light on the device stops flashing, you're ready to enjoy your LG TV headset.

como conectar auriculares Bluetooth a TV LG

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to LG TVs?

LG TVs are one of the most popular TVs on the market for their value for money. That said, getting a wireless headset for LG TVs allows you to enjoy the sound at the volume you want and in excellent quality. The new LG Smart TVs integrate Bluetooth connectivity and this means that the process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to LG TVs is incredibly simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Make sure your LG wireless TV headphones are charged for the pairing process.
  • Remove the wireless connections from your wireless headphones to avoid problems.
  • Put the LG TV headphones in search mode. They usually have a dedicated button for this function, although some models also search for Bluetooth equipment with the power button.
  • Press the settings button on the remote control or Magic Remote to begin the process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to LG TVs.
  • After entering settings, you'll be presented with a secondary menu with several options. Select Bluetooth on LG TV or Bluetooth Audio Out.

Select your headset from the list of Bluetooth devices

  • Next, press search device list. You'll now be presented with a list of LG TV Bluetooth devices that your TV can pair with. If your LG wireless TV headset is in pairing mode, it should appear in the list.
  • Select your headphones from the list to connect headphones to LG TV. They'll appear with their name or model number, a series of numbers and letters.
  • After selecting your headphones, a message will appear telling you that they're paired with the TV. This is all you need to do to connect Bluetooth to LG TV. Wait a few seconds after the message appears and you're ready to start enjoying audio with your LG Bluetooth TV headset.

We hope you found this article helpful in connecting your Bluetooth headset to your LG TV. We also recommend you check out our website for all kinds of information on wireless headsets. For example, our guides on how toconnect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One, PC or PS4.

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