How to connect Bluetooth headset to PC? Complete and concise guide

Connect bluetooth headset to PC

Wireless headsets have been dominating the market for a few years now. Even iPhones and many new phones are abandoning wired ports for wireless connectivity. This is because they are versatile, eliminate the hassle of cables, integrate high-performance batteries, and the sound quality they deliver is nearly equal to wired models.

Bluetooth headphones have no wires to connect to your devices. So, it is understandable if you have some problems connecting them to your smartphone or computer. That said, it is very easy to connect Bluetooth headsets. In fact, you can connect any kind of devices to your computer wirelessly, such as keyboards, microphones, mice, phones, speakers, etc. In addition, if your PC does not integrate Bluetooth, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter for a very affordable price.

In this article we tell you what you need to know about how to connect Bluetooth headsets to PC. It is a very simple process, but we will tell you all the steps so you don't have any problems.

Before you begin

  • Make sure your computer or laptop has a Bluetooth module:
    The first important step is to make sure that your computer or laptop has a wireless module to be able to connect headphones to PC. Some models may not integrate this hardware. Check the user manual to find out if you have the module.
  • If your computer does not have the wireless module, you can purchase a Bluetooth USB adapter that allows you to connect a Bluetooth headset to your PC.
  • Activate pairing mode on your Bluetooth headset.

The steps to enter sync mode vary according to the equipment you are using, whether it is a speaker, headset, phone, etc. For example, the excellent Sony WH-1000XM4s immediately enter sync status when first used. The second time you will only need to press the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.

how to connect bluetooth headset to PC

How to connect bluetooth headset to PC?

  • On your PC, click on the Windows start button. This has the shape of a window and is located in the left corner of your screen.
  • Then click on configuration. If you want to connect Bluetooth headsets to Windows 10 PC, the search bar is located in the upper right corner, although you can change its location. In previous versions the search bar is located in the start menu. In the search bar you can type configuration and it will appear.
  • Then click on devices.
  • You must turn on the Bluetooth connection with the switch that appears on the screen. If you do not see it, click on Bluetooth and other devices in the left tab that appears.
  • Now click on the option to add Bluetooth or another device. This button is located above the Bluetooth switch.
  • Now a pop-up window will appear and you need to click on the Bluetooth option.
  • To connect Bluetooth headsets to Windows 7 or 10 PCs, you need to enable pairing mode on your headset. To do so, press and hold the power button on your headset on some models or press the dedicated sync button. Check the user's manual of your helmets to know how to perform the process.
  • Finally, select the name of your headset from the list that appears on the computer. Your helmets may be listed with the model name or a series of numbers and letters (the model serial number). That said, just in case you don't remember the name, a headphone icon will also appear on your computer screen.
connect wireless headphones to PC

You know how to connect Bluetooth headsets to PC

That's it, these are all the necessary steps to connect Bluetooth headset to PC. After pairing for the first time they will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices and other equipment, as long as they are in pairing mode. Remember that you need to keep both devices within a short distance to perform the process of connecting Bluetooth headsets to Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Now you know how to connect Bluetooth headsets to PC. That said, if you're looking for a quality wireless headset, we recommend you check out our Sound Culture page. There you will find comparisons of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market.

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