How to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One? Quick and easy guide

how to connect Bluetooth headsets to box One

Headsets are a essential accessory for gaming. They provide high-quality sound and chat in-game with friends. With technological advancements, wireless headsets are now the preferred choice for gamers. They free you from the hassle of cables and make movement easier. Connecting Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One is an exciting experience for many gamers.

The Xbox is one of the most popular consoles on the market, connecting Bluetooth headsets to it can be challenging. However, this guide will help you successfully connect most of wireless headsets to your Xbox One.

Can you connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One?

At first,it may seem like it's not possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to an Xbox One. This is because the console has USB ports but doesn't natively support Bluetooth audio cause uses a propietary protocol for connecting wirelessly. However, before you consider investing in a different headset, we recommend reading our tips. There are ways to connect Bluetooth headsets to a Xbox One, so it's worth exploring those options before making a decision that you will regret.

Does the Xbox One integrate Bluetooth?

The Xbox One console does not have Bluetooth technology, so you cannot connect Xbox One Bluetooth headsets directly. This is surprising since Bluetooth is incredibly popular, even on other gaming consoles. The Xbox One uses Microsoft Xbox Wireless technology that enables wireless connectivity between different Xbox players.

It seems that it is not possible to synchronize them with a Bluetooth headset. That said, if you have a wireless headset and want to connect it to the console, you can do so with a simple solution.

connect Bluetooth headset to Xbox One

Xbox One compatible headset

If you are looking to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox, you need to purchase a headset that can connect to the Xbox Wireless system. These models are not the most common in the market, but there are excellent models in any price range. Xbox One headsets are specially designed for the console. They are not as versatile, but they are the best choice if you play with Microsoft equipment.

Xbox headsets tend to be a bit more expensive, but they can give you great sound quality. In addition, they are very easy to connect to the equipment. We recommend you check our comparison of the best gaming headsets to know the best options on the market.

How to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One using the controller?

For anyone who owns a pair of Bluetooth headsets, or for those who didn't have the budget to purchase a headset designed for the console, there is an option to connect the headset to the Xbox controller. It is important to note that to synchronize them you need to make the connection through the controller.

To connect a Bluetooth headset to Xbox you must purchase a Bluetooth transmitter to connect to the 3.5mm port on the controller. Some controllers don´t have the 3.5mm audio jack. If this is your case, you need to purchase an additional control that integrates this port.

Once you connect the Bluetooth transmitter, all you need to do is press the pairing button and connect Bluetooth Xbox One. This process sounds complicated, but it is very easy and allows you to enjoy excellent audio quality wirelessly. Bluetooth USB transmitters are very cheap and small, so they are out of the way.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect a Bluetooth headset to Xbox X or One Series:

  • Check that your console controller integrates a 3.5mm port. If it does not, you must purchase an adapter that connects to the Microsoft port. This adapter has the 3.5mm plug you need to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox.
  • Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to the 3.5mm port.
  • Press the sync button and connect your headset to the Xbox controller.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy your console audio wirelessly.
how to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox One

Can I chat in Xbox One games with Bluetooth headsets?

Unfortunately, when you connect Xbox One Bluetooth headsets, you will only be able to enjoy audio. The microphone does not work for chatting. It is possible to enable the speech function with Bluetooth connectivity, but you will need to get a special Bluetooth transmitter to enable you to use the function and they are somewhat expensive.

We hope we have answered the question How to connect headsets to Xbox One? We recommend you check our page if you want to get any information about Bluetooth headsets. For example, our guides on how to connect Bluetooth headsets to PC or how to connect Bluetooth headsets to PS4.

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