How to connect two bluetooth speakers at the same time? Simple guide with all options

how to connect two bluetooth speakers at the same time

Bluetooth speakers have dominated the market in recent years. All major brands periodically launch new models to meet any kind of need.

These devices allow you to play your favorite music anywhere, offer amazing sound for their size, and are pretty affordable.

That said, sometimes a single speaker is not enough to get the powerful or stereo sound you want. How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time?

In this guide, we explain all the options to pair two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, either with an application or a pair of models of the same brand.

Why connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time?

There are different reasons to connect 2 bluetooth speakers. Among them:

  1. You don't have the space to install two sound towers or a large stereo system.
  2. They are easy to install and use.
  3. You want a more robust and wider sound.
  4. You want to listen to your favorite music in stereo mode.

Connecting two Bluetooth speakers at the same time allows you to enjoy a wider, richer sound and enhances the enjoyment of the music experience.

That said, you need to start by choosing quality Bluetooth speakers. You can connect several bad Bluetooth speakers and the sound quality will not improve.

how to connect two bluetooth speakers at the same time

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time to the same device?

Can two Bluetooth speakers be connected at the same time?

If you want to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time to your phone or tablet, you need to get two models from the same brand, such as JBL, Ultimate Ears, Bose, or Harman Kardon.

You can find hacks online to connect speakers of different brands, but the success of this operation depends on the operating system of your device. Moreover, it is complicated.

That said, pairing Bluetooth speakers is usually very simple. How to connect two JBL or other Bluetooth speakers? Follow these simple steps:

  1. To connect several Bluetooth speakers at the same time, turn on the speakers.
  2. Press the Bluetooth connectivity button on the speaker and wait for it to pair with your device.
  3. In some cases, it is necessary to navigate to the Bluetooth menu of your phone and connect manually. Some systems also require you to perform the process through an application.

Connect 2 Bluetooth speakers for stereo sound

Some speakers, such as UE or JBL, allow you to synchronize two compatible models simultaneously.

With this function, each speaker is responsible for playing the same music, but in the right or left channel. If you already have two speakers of the same brand, you just need to check the stereo synchronization technology they use, such as JBL Connect Plus or PartyBox, for example.

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time with the AmpMe application?

Application to connect two Bluetooth speakers?

If you want to connect two Bluetooth speakers of different brands, you only have one option: download an application such as Ampme.

This app allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time, or more devices, to play the same music. However, you need multiple smartphones to make it work. Its function is to synchronize different phones so that you can enjoy the same song with all speakers in a meeting.

There are different applications for connecting multiple speakers via Bluetooth, such as those from Bose or Ultimate Ears. That said, AmpMe is the most versatile Bluetooth speaker connection app, as you can perform the process with speakers of any brand.

With the app, you can synchronize many phones and speakers to listen to the same music from any online streaming service, such as Spotify or YouTube. It also allows you to play from the memory of any mobile device.

Users can create or join parties. The person creating the party or meeting controls the music, although other users can send songs using the chat function.

The host also has the option to turn on guest mode as a DJ for others to add pieces to the playlist. It is ideal for synchronizing two Bluetooth speakers.

Using AmpMe is very simple. After downloading the app, log in from your Google or Facebook accounts. To start a party you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Press the Plus (+) icon.
  2. Select a service, such as Spotify or YouTube.
  3. Press Connect.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Choose or create a playlist.
connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time

Synchronizing multiple Bluetooth devices with Samsung and Apple

With the JBL, Bose, or Ultimate Ears apps, you can connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time, although only particular models of the corresponding brands.

We recommend that you check the compatible models on the application pages found on Google Play or the App Store. On the other hand, you also have other options if you own a Samsung phone or Apple HomePod, speakers.

How to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers using Samsung Dual Audio?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, S+, or newer model, you can enjoy the Bluetooth Dual Audio feature to sync two Bluetooth speakers.

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time with Samsung? This technology supports almost any model of wireless speakers or headphones. To activate the function follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to settings, connections, and Bluetooth.
  2. Click on advanced or on the menu icon (three vertical dots).
  3. Turn on the Dual Audio switch.
  4. To use Dual Audio, pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones or one of each, and the audio will play on both devices. It is a perfect technology for connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers.

HomePod Stereo Pair

Apple offers a feature very similar to Samsung's Dual Audio to connect two iPhone Bluetooth speakers. It's called HomePod Stereo Pair and allows you to sync an iPhone or Mac with two HomePod smart speakers.

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time with the Apple system? When you install one HomePod next to another in the same room, you can sync them for stereo sound. It is also possible to connect to the Home app from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Home app, double-click or press and hold on the HomePod, then click settings.
  2. Select a second HomePod.
  3. You will see two HomePod icons in the app. Select one of them to send the sound to the right or left channel.
  4. Select back and then ready.

We hope this information will help you and you no longer need an answer to the question: How to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time? You have several options, although the easiest is to purchase two models of the same brand.

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