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The internet completely revolutionised the music industry. Nowadays, you don't need to belong to a major label to reach the masses. This change has created many more opportunities for independent artists, who can now be heard on any medium.

Jimmy Lovine, creator of Interscope Records and producer of such successful musicians as Nine Inch Nails, U2, Bruce Springteen and Lady Gaga, saw this coming a long time ago. At a time when the internet was not yet the main source of entertainment, the visionary said he didn't want to be the last person to sell a CD and partnered with Apple to create the Apple Music division. Today Spotify dominates the field, but there are other ways to get your music out there and get your audience to listen.

iMusician: professionalism and transparency

iMusician exists to help you swim in these waters. With a community of over 200,000 musicians, iMusician was founded to provide an opportunity for independent artists. iMusician was started by a group of electronic music artists looking to start their own record label. Now, they lend their expertise and excellent services to independent musicians.

In their own words, this community exists so that independent artists and labels can enjoy the best conditions and opportunities to reach the public, but without taking away the musicians' earnings. The portal facilitates the distribution and management of albums, so that musicians can support themselves financially and continue to produce.

The iMusician team is made up of music industry professionals, such as managers, DJsand producers, who bring all the necessary experience to make life easier for independent musicians. They don't sell fantasies, but offer real services to enhance your career. For example, you can distribute your music on any international platform, such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport or Spotify.

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Sell music online

Online music streaming is a relatively new model. Lovine started the Beats app looking for a new way to reach an audience. This app was not so successful, but then he created Apple Music, which dominated the market for a few years. Today we have options that cost much less for the user, such as Spotify, but do not generate as much revenue for record labels or independent musicians. The royalties that musicians receive for streaming their music are low, but there is no doubt that these services are the best ones to reach a huge global market.

With a good strategy and, most importantly, good music, emerging artists can reach the same audience as those on major labels. Billie Eilish, for example, produced with her brother her first pieces, which reached millions of people. She is now owned by Interscope, but she became known for her creativity and the possibilities of online streaming services.

Today, artists are not at the mercy of the executives of major labels. They can record and release their music as they really want to. However, a promotion strategy is also necessary to get the music to its ideal audience. It's time-consuming, but necessary in such a competitive market. iMusician offers a service that will help you greatly in spreading the word about your art: Artist Hub.

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IMusician Artist Hub

The best tool Imusician has to offer is called Artist Hub. This service is designed to make it easy for musicians or independent labels to promote their releases on their favourite platforms.
It introduces you to the global marketplace like a major label would, and it's really affordable. In fact, you can access the service with a free link or pay a minimal fee for other benefits with Artist Hub Pro. Here are some of the services offered by both versions of the Artist Hub tool:

Artist Hub (free)

  • Direct your audience to your favourite shops or platforms with a unique link that you can share on your social networks.
  • With each release a free link is created automatically.
  • You don't need to pay any subscription or renewal fees.
  • Very easy to use.

Artist Hub Pro (9, 99EUR/ release)

  • Like the free version, it allows you to direct your audience to their favourite platforms or shops with a unique link that can be shared on any social network.
  • It offers a smart link that you can customise by adding your favourite platforms.
  • This service works as the heart of your promotional career, so you don't need to create or maintain an external personal website.
  • Tab with full artist information.
  • Allows you to add a high resolution background image.
  • Dates of your concerts and all the necessary information for the public to access tickets, downloadable press kit and other additional options.

As you can see, 9,99 EUR per month is your gateway to a great service. The free version is quite useful, but Artist Hub Pro offers many more options to help you promote your releases. It's a tool we would highly recommend to any artist or independent record label

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