HolyHigh Wireless Earphones: One of The Best Cheap True Wireless Options on The Market

Holyhigh headphones cover



Cheap, attractive, good connectivity, aptX.


They do not offer sublime sonic details.

Holyhigh G8 features:

  • Type: In-Ear.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Weight: 4 grams (each cup).
  • battery: 6 hours (additional 30 hours with the case).

The Holyhigh are one of the most popular True Wireless earphones on the market. They have a very youthful and unique design, offer decent sound quality, good autonomy and several eye-catching features. The best part: they are very cheap.

True Wireless earbuds, such as the Holyhigh, are becoming increasingly popular. They save you the hassle of cables, and you can take them anywhere. It's difficult to choose between the variety of affordable models on the market, but after testing them we can assure you that the Holyhigh headphones are one of the best options. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the Holylight G8.

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Holyhigh Design

The Holyhigh G8 are in-ear headphones that fits in the ear canal and have individual drivers. This type of headphones can be a little more uncomfortable than Over-Ear or On-Ear headphones for prolonged use, but they offer greater versatility. You can take them anywhere thanks to their small size, and they are IPX5 certified.

They are perfect for wearing while working out as they can withstand sweat, dust, rain splashes and stay put. They come with three different sized tips that fit any user well. They are small, lightweight (each cup weighs only 4g) and robust, but the most striking thing about the Holyhigh Bluetooh headphones is the design.

Like the best in-ear headphones on the market, they come with a case that serves as a charging port. However, appearance sets them apart from the competition. The case has the shape of a friendly demon, with horns, eyes and teeth, while the outside of the cups has the same figure. Its price and functions make it an ideal model for any user, but its appearance may be ideal for children and young people who want cool-looking headphones.

Touch controls

They integrate touch controls on the outside of the cups. With just one touch on the brand logo, you can play, pause and answer calls. With two taps you change songs, and if you press and hold the control panel, you can turn the volume up or down. They are very practical and easy to use. You can use each cup individually if you want to listen to a mono sound or make calls.

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Sound Quality

The Holyhigh are inexpensive earphones, and offer very decent sound. They don't offer the detail of expensive in-ear headphones, of course, but their performance is remarkable for the price. All tones are clear and undistorted, even at high volumes.

They support the aptX codec, which is surprising in this price range. This codec allows you to wirelessly play high-fidelity files with minimal latency. You can use them to listen to information-rich files, or to watch movies. The standard SBC code produces an annoying latency of about 100ms, but you can still enjoy movies or games without any problems.

Another positive feature of these Holyhigh earphones is the microphone. It allows you to make calls with clarity, thanks to Qualcomm's technology called CVC (Clear Voice Capture). It's not true ANC like what noise-cancelling headphones come with, but it does reduce ambient noise noticeably so that the listener hears voices clearly.

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They work with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This version is used by the best devices on the market, and offers great connectivity. It offers a transfer rate twice that offered by Bluetooth 4 versions, and a connectivity range four times wider. This technology also allows you to make simultaneous connections with different compatible devices.

We tested the Holyhigh Bluetooth 5.0 earphones several meters away from an MP3 player, and did not notice any problems with the connection. The synchronization of the two cups in stereo mode also works perfectly, something that has given trouble to more expensive models. We have to emphasize that they support the aptX codec, so they offer you great connectivity for a very affordable price.


One of the best reasons to get wireless headphones is the battery. The Holyhigh offer a battery life of up to six hours of continuous playback at normal volumes or while making calls. A capacity that matches that of much more expensive models.

More expensive over-ear headphones offer greater autonomy, but this is entirely understandable. The Holyhigh are very small, smaller than most True Wireless earphones, so their autonomy is remarkable. It's sufficient for intense exercise routines or everyday use, thanks to its charging base.

The case that doubles as a charging base gives you an additional 30 hours. In total, you can use them for about 36 hours, which is amazing in this price range. Thanks to its size and autonomy, it's an ideal travel companion.

Holyhigh helmet battery

Conclusion on the Holyhigh Bluetooth 5.0 earphones :

It can be difficult to find good cheap earbuds, but Holyhigh earphones stand out for their quality. They are a small, durable, very attractive, and come with IPX5 certification. In addition, they feel comfortable and fit any user well, thanks to the three different sized tips that come with the purchase package.

They feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, support the aptX codec, allow you to play high-definition files and the microphone features CVC technology. Furthermore, they have an amazing autonomy that reaches 36 hours with the charging case.

They emit a very decent sound. And while these Holyhigh headphones are not designed for demanding audiophiles, they are prfect for casual music listening in any kind of environment. They offer everything any type of user needs and are very, very inexpensive. The value for money is great. Interested? Find the best price on Amazon.

Technical SpecificationsHolyhigh Bluetooth
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Noise cancellingNo
Weight4 grams (each cup)
Water protectionIPX5
Battery life6 hours (36hours with charger)

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