Why buy Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar? Review and opinions




Excellent quality construction and sound for its price.


None significant.

Yamaha F310 technical characteristics

  • Woods: spruce, meranti, nato and rosewood.
  • Sound: 9/10 .
  • Scale: 63.4 cm.
  • Weight: 2.4 kg.

Since 1995, the Yamaha F310 has been ranked as one of the world's greatest acoustic guitars for beginners. But it has also earned a place in the hearts of intermediate and advanced players looking for an affordable instrument with a good construction and sound quality.

The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is the metal string equivalent of the Yamaha C40. They share many characteristics in terms of materials, construction quality and finishes. However, this one is superior in other respects, which we will address below.

Yamaha F310 reviews


The top of the Yamaha F310 TBS or NT is made of laminated spruce, one of the most valued woods for the construction of musical instruments. This material is hard, dense and has a good elasticity that is expressed in its sound quality. On the other hand, the sides and back are made of red meranti wood (shorea red), of which the mechanical characteristics are similar to mahogany. This is a firm wood with great absorption capacity. It has little elasticity but maintains a good acoustic capacity.

Similarly, the neck is made of nato (quercus suber), one of the hardest woods in the world, but not the densest. Inside, it has small spaces between the cells that improve its acoustic performance. Finally, the fingerboard is made of rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia), one of the most common woods for the manufacture of this part.

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar design

This acoustic guitar has a folk type body, so it's smaller than the Dreadnought. Its measurements are: 89 cm long from the base to the tip of the headstock, 12.1 cm deep and 10.9 cm at the top of the body. It also has one of the smallest scales among acoustic guitars, with only 63.4 cm from the neck nut to the bridge saddle. The neck nut width is 43 mm, a standard for this type of instrument.

On the other hand, the hardware is chrome plated and has twenty medium jumbo frets made of alpacca. The tuning keys are Yamaha F310 NT series in open format and have a high precision, which is very popular with users.

In terms of aesthetics, this Yamaha guitar has several details that give it a great visual appeal. One of them is the rosette with mother-of-pearl white and black lines. The wood grain on the top gives the impression of being class AA and solid. It has a natural color finish and a glossy polyurethane cover.

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar strings


The Yamaha F310 guitar may feel a little stiff due to its short scale of 63.4 cm. However, this is to be expected. Not only because of the scale, but also because of the metal strings. It's hard to find a guitar in this range with a better feel. Despite its relative tension, it allows you to get the bendings to play blues songs. It also has a good response to forced harmonics and tapping.

At the same time, arpeggios are very easy to achieve and allow you to perform your favorite songs in no time. With good practice, the student can quickly get the hang of it and develop his or her full potential.

Sound quality

Despite sharing the same woods and build quality as the Yamaha C40, the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar produces a very different sound. Not only does it have a huge volume, but the sonic nuances are amazing . Just by making a chord and touching the strings you can feel a rain of harmonics that you won't find in any other guitar for this price. It also has a great sustain that overflows when you do the rasgueados.

The reverb is very balanced and helps a lot when doing arpeggios and phrases. But everything improves when you use the frets from number 7 onwards, because the sound response increases. Thanks to the sustain and reverb, the bendings are maintained for a long time. In addition, the tapping has an excellent sonic response that adventurous beginners will appreciate.

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar price

Yamaha F310 versions

This model in natural color comes with the NT or NA termination in the name. Thomann offers other versions to meet the needs of any user:

Yamaha F310 TBS

It comes in a tobacco color (sunburst). In this Yamaha F310 TBS we find a warmer sound, with a little less volume. The harmonics stand out much more than in the natural version. The sustain and reverb are also more balanced.

Yamaha F310P TBS Set

This is a set that includes a good case, a strap, a digital guitar tuner , a set of F310 TBS Folk strings, three picks and a handy string and capo winder. Take a look at the Thomann competitive prices .

Yamaha F310P NA Set

This is the option of this model in natural color. Includes a case, strap, digital tuner, set of Yahama folk strings, three picks, string winder and a capo. Take a look at Thomann's prices and warranty


Without a doubt, this is a great acoustic guitar for beginners. The feedback on the Yamaha F310 is also very positive. We recommend it in a heartbeat because it has everything a student needs: durability, aesthetic beauty and excellent sound. Interested? Find the best price at Thomann.

We also recommend you check out the excellent Yamaha C40.

Yamaha F310 technical characteristics

Technical specificationsYamaha F310
Body and sidesMeranti
634 mm
FinishNatural (glossy)

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