The best electronic drum kits for all budgets and levels

Acoustics for beginners

Fotografía Batería electrónica Millenium MPS-150 E
Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Set

Electroacoustics intermediate level

Fotografía Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum
Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum

Advanced level

Roland TD-25K V-Drum Set

Which electronic drums to buy? Reviews of electronic drums for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels

Electronic drums are the most important musical percussion innovation of this era because they are versatile, easy to transport and easy to set up. They are also the most widely used, as they allow you to concentrate, in a single device, the best sounds of a wide variety of musical instruments through midi and USB connectivity. At the same time, they can be connected to various effect management programs so that the drummer can explore all the technological and sonic possibilities.

We invite you to discover, together with culturasonora, the best electronic drums on the market.

What is an electronic drum set

Electronic drums are simply technology at the service of music, because they represent the effort to take acoustic drums to a new level of versatility. The combination of its components makes it the greatest expression of musical innovation in the world of percussion instruments.

This impressive instrument has been designed in a wide variety of formats, so that it can meet every need for all learning levels.

Its main components are:

  • Controller module: This is the mixing console that contains all the sounds and knobs to control the factory settings.
  • Snare/Redoblante: This is the pad that simulates the snare drum.
  • Tom 1: This is the pad that simulates tom 1.
  • Tom 2: This is the pad that simulates tom 2.
  • Goliath/ Grenadier: It's the pad that simulates the goliath.
  • Bombo: It's the pad that simulates the Bombo.
  • Hi-Hat Cymbal: It's the pad that simulates the hi-hat cymbal.
  • Crash Cymbal: It's the pad that simulates the crash cymbal.
  • Ride Cymbal: This is the pad that simulates the ride cymbal.
  • Hi-Hat Pedal: It's the pedal that controls the effects of closing and opening the hi-hat cymbal.
  • Bass Drum Pedal: This is the pedal that controls the kick effect on the bass drum.
  • Drum rack/support: It's the structure that supports the whole electronic drum pack.

Difference between electronic drums and acoustic drums

The fundamental difference is that one is acoustic, while the other is electronic. But such an answer seems to come out of the dictionary of the RAE, which says: “action or effect of being acoustic and opposed to electronic”. Therefore, we go further:

  • Acoustic drums: Everything that is acoustic is understood as that which has the capacity to produce sound by itself and is mainly composed of a resonance box and a mouthpiece or resonating orifice. For example, the drum shells that are the resonator box.
  • Electronic drums: This refers to the fact that they do not have a resonance box to produce the sound vibrations or a mouthpiece to emit the determined sound. It's rather a set of parts that simulate the parts of the acoustic drums, but the sound doesn't depend on them, but on a digital module that contains the previously programmed sounds.

In culturasonora we believe that it's responsible to clarify that, in a broad sense, every sound body is acoustic and therefore, the Pads of the electronic drums are sonorous, because they emit a sound, although slight.

In a nutshell, the difference between the two types of drums is that the latter relies on electronics to produce sounds that are similar to those of acoustic drums, but are clearly artificial.

Importance and benefits of having an electronic drum set

Electronic drums, as a musical instrument, have many aspects that give them advantages over acoustic drums;

  1. Weight: Standard acoustic drums weigh more than 40 kg, while standard electronics weigh between 15 and 18 kg.
  2. Size: The standard acoustic drums occupy almost the same space assembled or not (170 x 170 x 120 cm approximately), while the electronic drums measure approximately 120 cm assembled, and only occupy a space of 100 x 40 x 40 cm approximately, when dismantled and stored in a box. Therefore, the difference is significant, more so when the weight of the instrument is added.
  3. Transport: Transporting an acoustic drum kit requires a larger means of transportation and several cases, while an electronic drum kit only needs a common means of transportation and a single standard-sized case. For example, any car trunk will fit an electronic drum kit, but this is not the case with an acoustic drum kit.
  4. Versatility: Acoustic drums only have a natural sound, while electronic drums can be configured with a wide variety of sounds and are programmable.
  5. Studio session/recording: Acoustic requires a whole kit of specialized microphones to pick up the sound frequencies of the parts on acoustic drums, while electronic drums only need a USB or MIDI cable.
  6. Noise: For practice sessions, acoustic drums often make the whole family uncomfortable and the student is limited to a certain time or space. Electronics, on the other hand, can be used anytime and anywhere, all you need is a studio or DJ headset (We have reviewed the latest best options on our website).

A plus point for acoustic drums is their sensitivity. You can manipulate the intensity of the sound, create nuances that enrich the interpretation and even move your feelings. As for the electronic drums, this cannot be done with the cheap model, and only high-end electronic drum kits have the sensitivity option.

Electronic drum amplifier

When it comes to this, many people can get confused, but at culturasonora we make your life easier by thinking practically: we believe these are the only two occasions when you need a sound amplifier:

  1. Practice sessions: For these moments you can use any speaker in your home that has USB, Plus Jack ¼ or 3.5 mm connectivity. You can also simply use headphones connected directly to the electronic drum set, your PC or a subwoofer. There are also electronic drums that have Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. Studio/live sessions: For this you can buy a mixing console or use the band's own without much hassle. But in the end, it's entirely up to you.

Electronic drum modules

Electronic drum modules

The module is the life of the electronic drum kit, because it's in charge of controlling all the sounds, effects, sensitivity (if it has the option), the recordings, the metronome: everything.

These modules, in general terms, are composed of several parts that can vary in shape or position, as well as expand their performance according to the models and their manufacturers:

  1. Power button: To turn the device on and off.
  2. LCD screen: To display the menu options.
  3. Menu button: To access the menu options.
  4. Metronome button: To activate the metronome option.
  5. Exit button: To exit the menu options.
  6. Master volume: To control the volume of the device.
  7. Reverb: To give permanence to the sound.
  8. Effect: Depending on the manufacturer's configuration, it can be echo, Chorus or others.
  9. USB, MIDI, Bluetooth connectivity: Some devices have all three options, but it all depends on the range/price and factory features.
  10. Headphone jack: To plug in headphones

Electronic drum playback

Drummers often use playback, which are sequences or sound tracks that serve to enrich the sound and to maintain the rhythmic/metric of the whole piece of music.

For this, the drummer can use their own electronic drums and create the tracks or use software designed for this purpose, such as FL Studio and many other apps.

Some of the most popular programs for making recordings from your PC are Sonar, Nuendo, Sony Vegas, Pro Tools. There are also more basic ones such as Adobe Audition.

Practice Pad

These are accessories that the beginner drummer and also drummers of other levels can acquire to practice the main techniques of drumming and hitting with the sticks. The most recommended pads are:

Millenium R1 12″ Metronome Practice Pad

The Millennium company offers the 12″ R1, a practice pad that incorporates a digital metronome configurable from 20 to 250 bpm (beats per minute) and a good quality LCD display. It also has a stroke counter so you can see how fast you are and how you have evolved with practice.
Among other benefits, it has an integrated speaker and 3.5 mm headphone output, as well as a micro-USB port.

Vic Firth VFPAD12 Practice Pad

Vick Firth offers some of the best pads for the drummer to develop as much technique as possible, and the 12″ VFPAS pad is this company's best selling pad. It features a 12″ practice area, highly impact-resistant rubber and a surface that helps develop bounces quickly. Its rubber is the quietest on the market.

Practice pad Remo 10

Remo, as any specialist in accessories for drummers, offers the standard practice pad, one of the most purchased on the market for its high resistance to shocks and the rebounding capacity of its material. This device has a 10″ radius and the surface is tension adjustable.

Differences between an electronic drum kit for beginners, intermediate and advanced drummers

The differences between these drum kits are significant and even extreme, as they can both be seen with the naked eye and heard. Therefore, we will mention the most relevant ones:


  1. Pads: In entry-level drum kits, the pads are generally made of rubber, and this material has low sensitivity and resistance. In the mid-range, manufacturers incorporate silicone and mesh pads, while all high-end electronic drums have mesh pads.
  2. Rack: Generally, in cheap drum sets, the rack is usually made of low-strength aluminum, while in mid-range, 6061-T6 tempered aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced alloys are used. Now, in the higher ranges you can find 100% carbon fiber racks.


  1. Realism: In the lower ranges the sounds are little or not at all realistic, but in the mid ranges the quality naturally increases. In the high ranges the sound is close to perfection.
  2. Sensitivity: In electronic drums for beginners, sensitivity doesn't exist, but in the intermediate ranges, manufacturers are starting to incorporate in the pads two strike zones, attenuators and some interesting effects. However, in the higher ranges, sensitivity is found in all pads, with up to three sensitivity zones in each pad and multiple effects to enrich the sounds.


  1. Configuration: In the lower ranges, the modules have fewer configuration possibilities, are less intuitive, there are fewer buttons for everything.
  2. Connectivity: MIDI and USB connectivity can be found in all ranges. But only in the mid-range and above are there options for micro-SD cards, Mac and PC compatibility. In the higher ranges we have all the above-mentioned, and in some cases they even add bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Expansion: In the beginner ranges it's not possible to add more pads than the factory default ones. In the middle ranges, the number of pads can be increased by two additional pieces. However, in the higher ranges, the possibilities are endless.

The best electronic drums for beginners:

  1. Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum
  2. Behringer XD80USB E-Drum Set
  3. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

The best electronic drums for intermediates:

  1. Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum
  2. Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit

The best electronic drums for advanced users:

  1. Roland TD-25K V-Drum Set

The most versatile electronic drums for beginners

Every beginner requires equipment that is comfortable, easy to carry and has the essential sonic and technological capabilities to develop the impressive drummer within. The manufacturing specialists of each electronic drum kit on this list have designed impressive models that cover all your needs and, in many cases, go above and beyond to please you.

Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum

batería electrónica Millenium MPS-150

Excellent manufacturing quality.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Resistance of materials: High.
  • No. of pieces: Five shell pads, three cymbal pads, two pedals.
  • Sensitivity: Normal.
  • Weight: 18.2kg

The characteristics that define a drum kit go beyond its resistance, how many parts it has or its weight. We must consider many aspects that are equally valuable and will allow us to make the best decision, and this Millenium drum set has several extra qualities.


The materials of this electronic drum set are very good and we found that the pads are made of high-strength silicone, with a strength of 75 on the shore scale, which implies a medium elasticity, but with sufficient strength to withstand shocks of 72 kg per square centimeter.

This is enough for you to unload all your musical energy into it. The support rack is made of 6061-T6 class aluminum which is considered to be tempered. It's highly resistant to corrosion and is not very flexible, so it's unlikely to bend and lose its shape. The pedals are also made of 6061-T6 aluminum.


This electronic drum set has been designed for beginner drummers who require a basic set, with the five pieces emulating the snare drum, tom 1, tom 2, grenadier/goliath and bass drum. Each has 8″ of radius, which is enough space for you to express yourself.

It also includes pads for hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, as well as pedals for the hi-hat and bass drum. In addition, the company has incorporated almost all connectivity options, such as: two 1/4″ audio cable outputs, 1/8″ stereo line input jack, 1/8″ stereo headphone output jack, MIDI output and USB for MIDI connection.

This is virtually everything you need for your practice sessions, to use powerful headphones and also to record your moments of inspiration. One of the options, which is vital for every beginner drummer, is the metronome, and the company includes it with the ability to set it from 30 to 280 bpm and select different types of beats.


It has been equipped with the MPS-150 drum module, which has 108 different sounds configured inside. Ten of them are drum kits with very good quality sounds and feature configurations for standard, rock and jazz sounds. From the eleventh sample onwards, it offers different sounds to assign to each of the parts in your electronic drum kit, where up to option 33 are different shades for the snare/drum.

From 34 to option 57 you have tom options that present very good nuances, several of them with harmonic sounds that we really like. Sounds 58 through 80 are all effects for the hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, as well as the effects for the opening and closing with the hi-hat pedal that works great for a beginner drummer. Likewise, from the sound option 81 you will find sounds of various Latin and Afro-descendant percussions, such as congas, bongos, timbales, claves and bells.

In addition, to familiarize the student with rhythmic patterns, the company has installed forty patterns ranging from rock and ballad, to jazz and blues. All of them have programmable tempos to increase or decrease the speed in each of them. The only thing missing are some stereo pads, as this electronic drum kit doesn't have them.


This is perhaps the most complete and best designed electronic drum kit for beginner drummers, because it has a robust design, good sized parts and the necessary connectivity to install on any PC and make live recordings. In addition, the sound options as well as the rhythmic patterns are excellent, so that you can be a multifaceted drummer with a complete mastery of various musical styles. Find the best prices at Thomann.

Behringer XD80USB E-Drum Set

batería electrónica Behringer XD80USB

The pads are stereo, the module is the easiest to configure.


We find the bass drum support to be fragile.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Resistance of materials: Good.
  • No. of pieces: Five shell pads, three cymbal pads, two pedals.
  • Sensitivity: Normal.
  • Weight: 16 kg.

Behringer is one of the German companies known for manufacturing musical instruments of very good quality, to meet the needs of amateur musicians who require accessible instruments with a good value for money. That is why it offers in its stock the XD80USB, an electronic drum kit with good performance.

The Behringer electronic drum kit has so many special qualities that set it apart from the rest. Not only is it good, but it possesses a certain sensitivity and other attributes that place it in a privileged position among the entry-level ranges.


As in the beginner version of the Millenium electronic drum set, the resistance of the materials used in this drum set is of good quality. The pads are made of durable, high-density silicone with a good bending ratio, which provides good rebound to the sticks.

In addition, these pads have a resistance of 75 on the shore scale, enough to withstand shocks of 72 kg per square centimeter, which means that you can unload on them everything you feel in your moments of inspiration.

The support rack has been designed in 6061-T6 series aluminum, a hardened material used for construction purposes in some space applications, as it's the most corrosion resistant and has good elasticity. Therefore, it's difficult for it to bend and lose its shape. The pedals are also made of 6061-T6 aluminum.


In the design, the company has thought of a set for beginners that has in its configuration five pads that simulate the shells of an acoustic drum kit. We found that the snare/drum is 8″, as are the tom 1 and 2 pads, same as the goliath/grenadier. However, unlike other options for beginner drummers, in this one we find that the cymbal pads have a 12″ radius, that is, they are quite large.

It's a good size that allows the learner to become familiar with real cymbals. The hi-hat has its own foot controller that has some sensitivity. The bass drum also has a pedal that presents a somewhat sensitive sound, which is good. For module connectivity, this device has USB, MIDI, plus ¼ jack and headphone jack inputs.

This drum set features a high quality metronome, a great choice for beginners. The metronome has multiple functions so you can perfect your technique and speed. Finally, the rack supports almost the entire drum kit, except for the bass drum pad, a feature we like very much because it has some instability and tends to move when a lot of force is applied to the foot strike.


The module of this drum kit is extremely intuitive, we like its appearance because you can see all the pieces of the drum kit to facilitate the assignment of sounds and also, if you look in detail, you can see that two more pieces appear (a crash cymbal 2 and a tom 3).

This means that you can expand the size of your electronic drum kit, you just need to buy the additional pads and install them in the allocated inputs on the back of the module. To make everything better, this device has 175 excellent sounds. Ten of them are preset drum sets and it also has five sets that are configurable. You can make your own set and save it to memory! This is fantastic.

Its sounds are divided into the first ten drum sets with an acoustic simulator that we love for its realism despite being in this price range. For the rest of the sounds, we find the full range of Afro-Latin instruments, such as congas, bongos, timbales, cheche, djenbe, claves. It also has marimbas, bells and xylophones.

We really like the great variety of nuances offered in each one of them. Also, something we love is the integrated sequencer for recording exercises because with it, you can express yourself and save all of your ideas in a database. Another important aspect of this drum kit is that the pads are stereo, which greatly improves the sound quality.


This electronic drum kit is an excellent choice for beginner drummers, because it features a wide variety of sounds. In addition, with the option of customization in five drum sets, together with the metronome and the ability to save sequences, it expands all possibilities for recording at any time. As a bonus, the best feature is the possibility to expand your drum kit by purchasing a tom pad and a cymbal pad. Interested? Find the best price at Thomann.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

batería electrónica Alesis Nitro Mesh

The snare, toms and goliath pads are made of mesh.




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Technical Characteristics:

  • Resistance of materials: Excellent.
  • No. of pieces: Five shell pads, three cymbal pads, two pedals.
  • Sensitivity: Yes.
  • Weight: 13.kg

Alesis is a company that has been known for developing some of the best pad technologies, and this electronic drum kit proves it. The Nitro Mesh is a drum kit that has everything to be one of the best options for beginner musicians who want a complete pack and excellent possibilities.

Alesis, besides having these external features that are really good, dazzles us with other aspects that are special, both for the structure and material composition, as well as the great quality of its touch. But why is it so good? Well, let's take a closer look.


The pads of the snare, toms and goliath are made of double-zone mesh. This improves the resistance to withstand more wear and tear than the silicone ones, and also allows the drummer to play with the sensitivity of the sound. To give you an idea of the resistance of the mesh used, it can withstand the impact of bullets, as it's designed with a material similar to Kevlar. The rack structure is made of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum, stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum. But what we don't like at all is the bass drum base, which can be unstable.


This is an electronic drum set that has been designed with the sole purpose of giving the maximum sense of realism to beginner drummers. For the pads, the company opted for two-region meshes, made of a high-quality fiber that provides a high-end sense of realism. So much so that the drummer will sometimes feel like they are playing an acoustic drum kit, as the feel is excellent.

In terms of parts, this set includes a snare pad two 8″ zones (center/contour), three 8″ zone one-zone tom pads, three 10″ zone one-zone cymbal pads. (one of them with attenuation function), one bass drum pad and includes a foot pedal and a hi-hat controller. For connectivity, they have incorporated all the options, such as ¼ mono jack outputs, ¼ stereo jack inputs, USB interface, MIDI and ¼ jack connector for speakers, as well as working with both Mac and PC.

It features a toggle switch to change the kick pad input from Pad (Kick Pad) to Switch (pedal). The ever-important metronome has been incorporated as well, so that you have a reliable tool for your practice sessions.


This impressive electronic drum kit has been equipped with the Nitro Drum module that has 385 sounds distributed as follows:

  • 25 preset drum kits that are not customizable.
  • 15 user kits that you can customize to your liking.
  • More than two hundred sounds among Afro-Latin percussion, bells, cymbals and more.
  • 60 songs and beat patterns to experiment with all the most popular styles in the music world.

The most striking aspects of this electronic drum kit are:

  1. Mesh pads: They add sensitivity to the performance. With normal pads, it doesn't matter how hard you hit, because you will always get the same sound. With the mesh pad, on the other hand, the intensity of the sound does vary according to the strength of the stroke. In addition, the box pad has a double zone (center and edge). It's as if you were playing a real snare drum.
  2. The sound is stereo: All sounds improve exponentially.
  3. Expansion: Like the Behringer, this drum kit offers the possibility of expansion with the addition of a tom pad and a cymbal pad.


It is a great electronic drum set that provides mid-range features for an affordable price. We love the mesh pads and the double zone on the snare pad, as well as the expansion possibilities, and its marvellous selection of sounds, allowing for endless combinations.

We recommend it for those who want a mid-range alternative that, with an extra investment, can be expanded to make a great musical instrument. If you want to find the best price at Thomann follow the link.

Our recommendation

The decision is extremely difficult, but we finally decided on the Alesis because it has it all: great construction, excellent sounds, good expansion possibilities and mesh pads. However, the Behringer is also an excellent choice if your budget is tight, and you can expand it as well.

The most versatile electronic drums for intermediates

An intermediate drummer has already started experimenting with new sounds and more parts on the drums and starts looking for more. It's because of this thirst for a better instrument with more features that we will review the best and most versatile electronic drums in this category, so that you can purchase the one that best suits you.

Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum

batería electrónica Millenium MPS-850

The pads are made of mesh and the tone configuration is independent in each one of them.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Resistance of materials: Maximum.
  • Number of pieces: Ten total: one redoblante, two toms, two goliaths and four cymbals.
  • Sensitivity: Yes.
  • Weight: 24.5 kg.

Millenium takes a step further and presents us with a mid-range electronic drum set that is excellent in every way. The pads are of high quality, the sounds are excellent and realistic, as well as the configuration and recording possibilities, that at times border on the high-end.


In the mid-range everything starts to change. This is an electronic drum kit in which the snare pads, toms and goliaths are all double-zone mesh. The resistance is maximum, literally bulletproof, as they are designed with a material similar to Kevlar, like the Alesis drum kit described above.

Another similar aspect is the rack structure made of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum, highly resistant to corrosion and wear. We love the structure of the bass drum, because it's fixed to the rack and constitutes a single piece, which gives it the greatest stability and prevents it from sliding backwards.


We find ourselves with an electronic drum set designed with fusion in mind, as it has ten pieces that enhance your playing possibilities. This kit has a 10″ snare pad, two 08″ tom pads, two 10″ tom pads. two-zone mesh patch, a two-zone mesh patch, a 8″ bass drum pad with mesh patch, two 12″ crash cymbal pads, one 12″ ride cymbal pad and one 12″ hi-hat pad..

It's just what an intermediate drummer needs in their life, nothing more. For connectivity, the company thought of everything necessary by incorporating two 6.3 mm main jack outputs, along with a 6.3 mm stereo headphone jack output.

Also, a 3.5 mm mini-jack stereo line input, along with two 6.3 mm stereo trigger inputs (already assigned to a second crash and a fourth tom pad) and finally USB, MIDI, USB Memory, MIDI In & Out and WAV-Sample Import connectivity so you can connect it to your Mac or PC and record everything you play on the drum kit. The rack that connects everything as one piece is a great feature. The fixed position of the bass drum prevents it from shifting due to foot strikes.


The snare, toms and goliath pads are made of mesh with two strike zones. In a real acoustic drum kit, the sounds in the center and the edge are totally different, and in this electronic drum kit you can get that variety that makes it very realistic. Similarly, we have the bass drum which, unlike lower ranges, also has a mesh drumhead and it's great.

The two crash cymbals are two-zone with attenuation function, this means that the sound of the bell and the body is different, just like on a real cymbal. It also has an attenuation function so that the volume of the sound doesn't linger and is not automatically eliminated, but decreases with the same intensity of a real cymbal. The ride cymbal has three attenuation zones so you can use the bell, the body and the rim, just like a real cymbal with attenuation function. This built-in technology is wonderful, because you almost always feel like you are playing a real drum kit, with the same sonic and technical possibilities.

On the drum module, we find the MPS-850 has 550 preset sounds and most of them are configurable, so you can enhance and customize them. It features 30 factory preset drum kits, as well as 20 kits that can be reprogrammed so you have your own drum setup in one place.

In addition, you have 100 songs and musical patterns for you to practice with all the rhythmic possibilities that may exist. To pamper its users, the company incorporated two song options for the musician to record their demos. It has also equipped the module with an option to customize the tone equalization on each of the pads and incorporates pitch, reverb, compressor and six faders for regulating the volume of each pad, as well as the metronome and songs.


It's a stunning electronic drum set, its design is cutting edge, the hoops of the pads look real, the mesh is phenomenal, the sensitivity built into each of its parts is fantastic, so much so that we simply love it. We recommend it for drummers looking for the best mid-range option at the best price. Interested? Find the best price at Thomann.

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit

batería electrónica Alesis DM10

It has mesh pads, the sounds are excellent.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Resistance of materials: Maximum.
  • Number of pieces: Ten: one redoblante, two toms, two goliaths and four cymbals.
  • Sensitivity: Yes.
  • Weight: approximately 30 kg.

Alesis is one of the few companies that offer mid-range drums of outstanding quality, and the DM10MKII Pro series is a sample of that. It has everything an intermediate drummer needs to express all the musical ability they have developed during their practice time. So, if you are looking for quality sound and versatility of features, follow us to learn more about this very special electronic drum set.


The box, the toms and goliaths are all made of double-zone mesh, but reinforced. This implies that the resistance is higher than that of the Millenium 850. What is identical, however, is the structure of the rack, which is made of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum, highly resistant to shocks, bending and extreme temperatures.

But, it represents a setback in the structure of the boom, because once again we find it separated from the main rack, and this can cause it to move from its place and that can be annoying. So our recommendation is to look for electronic drum sets that have everything attached to the main rack.


The design of this electronic drum kit is intended for fusion music, as these styles call for exploring more nuances with an additional grenadier and cymbal. This set has a 12″ box pad, two 10″ tom pads and two 12″ goliath/grenadier pads, each of two zones with a mesh patch, in addition to a 8″ bass drum with mesh drumhead, two 14″ crash cymbal pads, one 16″ ride cymbal pad and one 12″ hi-hat pad.. All measurements on this drum set are larger than on the Millenium, which is good, because it widens the range of action when striking, and the sensitivity is greater.

For connectivity, the company's designers thought of everything necessary by incorporating two 1/4″ main jack outputs, along with a ¼” stereo jack headphone output. Also, a stereo 1/8 mm mini-jack auxiliary output, along with two 6.3 mm stereo trigger jack inputs (already assigned to a second crash and the second goliath/grenadier pad) and finally USB and MIDI connectivity for you to connect to your Mac or PC.

However, the issue of the bass drum is a ghost that keeps coming back to haunt us. We believe that there is no justification to the fact that the bass drum was not designed in one piece with the rack. Does it have to be drilled into the floor?


The snare, toms and goliath pads are made of mesh with two reinforced double hit zones and increased sensitivity. If for a moment we thought it was great on the Millenium 850, this one is much better because, as we've said, on a real drum kit the sounds at the center and the edge are totally different.

In this drum set, the experience is more realistic than in the Millenium 850, because all the spaces on the action radius are sensitive to any intensity of the stroke. But the best part is yet to come: the two crash cymbals are two-zone with attenuation function and a “choke” zone, so you can hear the splash of a sparkle whenever you want.

This means that the sound of the bell and body is distinct, as well as the full stroke splash, just like on a real cymbal. The ride cymbal has three attenuation zones so you can use the bell, the body and the rim, just like a real cymbal with attenuation function.

This built-in technology is exquisite, because you will always have the feeling of playing a real drum kit with real drum heads and all the sonic possibilities, as well as the technical ones. On the drum module, we find the DM10 MKII Pro with 700 preset sounds. Most of them are configurable so that you can enhance and customize them. It has 50 factory preset drum kits, as well as 30 kits that can be reprogrammed so you have your own drum setup in one place.

In addition, you have 150 songs and musical patterns to expand your sound options, so that you can try and experiment with everything that exists in the world of music. Another valuable option from Alesis is that it has also equipped the module with pitch, reverb, compressor and polyphony options that overlap the sounds of the same pad.

It also has a “Decay” option, which allows you to set how the sound will decay, and a “Loop” option, which causes a looping sound for as long as you choose to set it. Another sound option is the “Pad Song” which allows you to start a pre-recorded song when you tap the pad.


We can't deny that this Alesis has excellent performance and an almost lifelike sound. It's, perhaps by far, the best realistic sound within this range. In addition, the options for elaborate sequences are excellent and at times border on the high-end. That is why we recommend it for drummers who want this quality of realism. Find the best price at Thomann.

Our recommendation:

We do not present you more electronic drum sets in this range because the Millenium MPS-850 is the best option you will find in this price range. It's fantastic, it has it all, quality, reasonable price, sensitivity, performance and a high quality module. The Alesis is excellent and its realistic sounds are better than the Millenium, but the price difference for almost the same quality of components, pads, structure and equalization is very large, and we believe that the Millenium has the merits to be the best option in terms of quality and price.

The most versatile electronic drum sets for advanced users

We have arrived at the advanced category, and we present you with only one option, the best for this price range, which stands out for its impressive technology and sound qualities.

Roland TD-25K V-Drum Set

batería electrónica Roland TD-25K

Excellent sound, realistic, responsive, impressive quality of materials and construction.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Strength of materials: The highest.
  • Number of pieces: snare drum, toms 1 and 2, grenadier, bass drum, hi-hat, crash, ride.
  • Sensitivity: Maximum.
  • Weight: 26 kg.

Roland is the most recognized company when it comes to high-end electronic drums, with perhaps the best realistic sounds on the market. This time it offers the TD-25K V-Drum Set, a great set in every sense and extension of the word.

This awesome Roland electronic drum kit is the best within this price range, because its specific features are really amazing. It's versatile, realistic, responsive and you can express yourself to the fullest thanks to all the virtues it has to do with its pad design, configuration and other aspects.


As with all electronic drums in this range, Roland has incorporated double-layer reinforced mesh in the pad material, to increase the quality of feel and strength, making it one of the most resistant in the high end of the range. Tear resistance of over 150 kg per square centimeter, and an elasticity that emulates real drumheads are the great features of Roland's patented mesh.

The rack is made of aluminum reinforced with carbon fiber, and its joints are made of a polymer also reinforced with carbon fiber for greater grip resistance, and to prevent sudden movements from breaking it.


This is an electronic drum set of traditional design, with a number of standard parts. It features a 10″ PDX-100 snare drum, two 08″ PDX-6 toms and a 10″ PDX-8 grenadier with Mesh Head Tom Pad technology with two zones each. The kick drum is a KD-9 series pad that brings a real feel to the sound.

The cymbals are a 12″ VH-11 hi-hat, 12″ CY-12 crash and a CY-13R ride, all of which are dual-zone for greater sound sensitivity. On connectivity, the company has chosen to place all possible options, such as; two 6.3 mm mono jack master outputs: this allows you to install expression pedals and to the audio output jack for professional mixing consoles.

Also, a 6.3 mm stereo jack output for you to connect your favorite headphones. Roland has also provided a 3.5mm stereo jack mix input and two 6.3mm stereo jack connectors to expand your electronic drum kit with two additional pads. As well as a MIDI output, a USB Memory port for backups and to install an audio player (MP3, WAV) and a USB port to link to your PC (MIDI and Audio). It's everything a professional needs to expand their possibilities.


Roland sensation is a new sound sensor technology. A super Natural and Behavior Modeling Technology System with the most realistic sound on the market which, together with the levels and sound areas on each of the Pads, provide the greatest sound experience a drummer can find.

The TD-25 module is no less surprising, because despite previous modules having more sounds, while this one has 200 integrated sounds, these are better in every way . They are simply incomparable.

In addition to these 200 sounds, this electronic drum kit from ROLAND has 18 pre-selected drum kits in its database, as well as various adjustable sound parameters for tuning, attenuation and independent volume for each pad. But the possibilities for sound enhancement are much more extensive with 21 multi-effects and equalizers available in this module, which also has an Audio Record function.


This is the best electronic drum kit in this price range, it has the sounds, the construction, the materials and the quality of Roland's sound technology in one model. It's a great choice for professional drummers who want real sounds and feel in a convenient, easy-to-setup package. Find the best price at Thomann.

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Technical Characteristics of Electronic Drums


ResistanceSensitivityWeightNumber of parts
Millenium MPS-150 E-DrumHighNormal18.2kgFive hoof pads, three cymbal pads, two pedals
Behringer XD80USB E-Drum SetGoodNormal16 kgFive shell pads, three cymbal pads, two pedals
Alesis Nitro Mesh KitVery GoodGood13.kgFive shell pads, three cymbals pads, two pedals
Millenium MPS-850 E-DrumExcellentGood24.5 kgTen: one snare drum, two toms, two goliaths, and four cymbals
Alesis DM10 MKII Pro KitExcellentGood30 kgTen: one snare drum, two toms, two goliaths and four cymbals
Roland TD-25K V-Drum SetHighestMaximum26 kgsnare, toms 1 and 2, grenadier, bass drum, hi-hat, crash, ride

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