Guitar strap: best guitar straps on the market

The guitar strap is an indispensable companion for any guitarist at any learning level, to practice or play during live sessions with the greatest possible comfort. But not all guitar straps can do this job well, as there will always be options that offer more security and style than others.

Nowadays, the selection of electric, acoustic and Spanish guitar straps is very varied both in design and prices. That is why we have selected the best options available for different types of guitars. This way you can choose the one that suits you best. Read on to learn more about them.


The best guitar straps on the market

  1. Ernie Ball White Polypro
  2. Vintage woven style guitar strap
  3. Rayzm guitar and bass strap
  4. Rayzm guitar or bass strap with velvet lining
  5. Tiger STP4-BK guitar strap with pick holder
  6. Asmuse Spanish guitar strap
  7. Rayzm embroidered cotton guitar strap with jacquard weaving
  8. Dat Strap #1 Leather Strap
  9. Fender Sangle Monogrammed 5c
  10. Atidy Adjustable leather strap
  11. Art tribute cotton guitar hanger with two picks

Guitar strap: what it is and its importance

The guitar strap is a strap made of various materials such as polyester, cotton or leather, that is used by guitarists and bassists. They are also known as bandoliers and are very easy to put on. Its purpose is to keep the instrument suspended so that the musician has their hands free and can use them only to interpret the songs. Hence, its importance lies in two factors:

  • Autonomy: the musician can keep their hands free to comfortably play the songs with the instrument.
  • Safety: the straps keep the instrument secure so that it doesn't fall and suffer unfortunate blows. Nowadays there are safety pins with which the musician can make some risky movements without the guitar or electric bass crashing against the floor.

Ernie Ball White Polypro Guitar Strap

correa de guitarra Ernie Ball

It has black leather tips. Variety of colors.


Somewhat slippery.

This guitar strap is a classic among guitar straps and we can say that almost every musician has had it at some point in their musical career.

It's made of high quality polypropylene, and has leather fasteners that are very resistant. It's available in eleven different colors. Its total measurements are: 111.8 cm long, 0.3 cm thick and 5.1 cm wide. It can also be adjusted from 96.5 cm to 173 cm in length. You should be aware that the part that rests on the shoulder is made of the same material as the rest of the strap, so it tends to slip.

Vintage woven style guitar strap

correa de guitarra vintage tejida

Wonderful aesthetics. Excellent value for money.


The holes are somewhat small. The ends are made of imitation leather.

This is an electric guitar strap that can also be used as an acoustic guitar strap. It's hand-woven in polyester and cotton, with polyurethane synthetic leather ends. It has a leather button to secure it to the instrument.

The style of its fabric is hootenanny style, and you can find it in seven different varieties. Its total length is 158 cm and can be adjusted between 96.5 cm and 152.4 cm in length, so it fits almost any body type. The holes to adjust it are a bit small, but they work very well. Thanks to the leather button you can lock the ends to your guitar so it won't come loose on its own.

Rayzm guitar and bass strap

correa de guitarra Rayzm

Versatility, attractive design, tine holder.


Nothing significant.

It's made of cotton and can be used as an acoustic, electric or even electric bass guitar strap. It has a very attractive design of skulls that you can find in somewhat psychedelic colors. There is also a model that comes with pink or black and white skulls. The width of the girdle is 6.5 cm and the extension is adjustable from 9 cm to 154 cm.

On the other hand, it has a pick holder on the front of the strap where you can put up to three picks for greater convenience. The ends are made of genuine leather and the holes are made of steel for greater resistance.

Rayzm guitar or bass strap with velvet lining

correa de guitarra Rayzm con forro terciopelo

Made of genuine leather.


Somewhat short. Because it's made of leather, it's not as comfortable.

This is a leather strap that fits electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars. It's made of genuine leather and has reinforcements at the ends to prevent it from stretching with use, and to prevent the guitar from slipping. Leather is very durable, but tends to be less comfortable than synthetic materials, so keep this in mind.

It has a width of 6.5 cm and the length can be adjusted between 108 cm and 140 cm. It's a bit short, but it should be enough for most musicians. An important recommendation: if you decide to buy it, it's advisable to leave it out of the package for a few days to release the natural leather odor that can be unpleasant.

Tiger STP4-BK guitar strap with pick holder

correa de guitarra tiger

It has three slots for tine quills.


The buckles are plastic. The hooks are not as strong.

This guitar strap is made of nylon with heavy duty synthetic leather ends. It also has three slots to store picks, and you can find it in a black or red color. It measures 5.5 cm wide and can be adjusted from 60 cm to 138 cm long.

One of its drawbacks is that the buckles are plastic, and this can be a problem if you are not careful. Also, some users have complained that the hooks are not as strong. We do not recommend it for very heavy guitars or bass guitars.

Asmuse Spanish guitar strap

correa de guitarra Asmuse

Very comfortable. Quality materials.


The picks it comes with are not very good.

This Spanish guitar strap has a beautiful design with a white background and vintage sunflower patterns. It can also be used with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos and more. It has an adjustable extension from 90 cm to 150 cm, and is 6 cm wide, with buttons to secure the instrument and three guitar picks.

It's made of woven cotton with genuine leather ends, and the company gives a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. It has a foam padding that makes it more comfortable. You can find it in black and black with brown. In addition, it has a small pocket for storing picks and even comes with its own picks.

Rayzm embroidered cotton guitar strap with jacquard weaving

Rayzm correa de guitarra

Good value for money.


It could be a little wider.

This guitar strap is made of braided cotton and embroidered with Jacquard motifs. Its total length is 158 cm, but you can wear it from 100 cm to 156 cm. Its width is 5 cm, which may not be to everyone's liking. At its front end it has a slot for three picks, and includes a cord for you to tie it to the neck of the instrument. Its buckle is made of metal for greater resistance.

Dat Strap #1 Leather Strap

correa de guitarra Dat

Excellent materials and construction. Quite comfortable.


It's not as wide as we would like.

This is the best guitar strap in our review. It's a 100% genuine high quality leather strap. It also has a padded cotton gusset for maximum comfort. It's 5 cm wide with 96 cm to 153 cm long to fit musicians of all ages.

It has a pick pocket on the front end, and comes with two metal picks so you can start playing right away. The adjustable buckle is made of hardened metal and this guarantees the highest durability. Finally, it's available in three different colors: black, dark brown and light brown.

Fender Sangle Monogrammed 5c

correa de guitarra Fender

Quality materials. Very comfortable.



As you may have noticed, now we have a strap for Fender guitars. It's made of high quality polyester and padding on the part that fits the shoulders. Its size is adjustable between 112 cm and 133.5 cm long. It has hand-woven Fender logo decorated details and reinforced leather fasteners for added security. It's a strap for electric guitars, but also works for acoustic guitars.

Atidy Adjustable leather strap

correa de cuero Atify

Good size and very resistant material.


Not the most comfortable.

It's a very resistant synthetic leather “PU” strap with a texture engraved with flower motifs. However, it's a hard and rigid material, so it doesn't provide much in the way of comfort. Can be used as an electric or acoustic guitar strap.

You can also wear it with your electric bass and adjust the tempered iron buckle. It has a width of 6.5 cm and a total length of 162 cm. It's available in three versions: black with snake texture, brown with snake texture and brown with flower texture.

Art tribute cotton guitar hanger with two picks

correa de guitarra Art Tribute

Good pack with everything you need to play immediately.


The construction materials are not as resistant. It's somewhat thin.

If you are looking for a guitar strap that is both beautiful and secure, then the Art Tribute is the one for you. This is a pack that includes not only the strap, but the safety buttons and two excellent guitar picks. The design pattern is beautiful and stands out for its vivid colors.

It's 5.1 cm wide and 170 cm long, therefore the longest on our list. However, the rings to fit it are plastic, so we believe they will not be as durable. It's also somewhat thin.

The printed and embroidered motifs are suitable for both children and adults. In addition, the company gives a lifetime warranty if it discolors, stains or breaks at any of its elements.


We have presented you with the best eleven straps that fit electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars and also Spanish or classic folk guitars for your nights out. All of them are excellent options and the value for money of each one is wonderful.

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Technical Characteristics of Guitar Straps


Ernie Ball White Polyprohigh quality polypropylene and leather111,8 cm x 5,1 cm
Vintage woven style guitar strapPolyester and cotton with synthetic leather ends158 cm
Rayzm guitar and bass strapCotton, leather154 cm x 6.5 cm
Rayzm guitar or bass strap with velvet lining.Genuine leather140 cm x 6.5 cm
Tiger STP4-BKNylon with synthetic leather ends138 cm x 5.5 cm
Asmuse guitar strapWoven cotton with genuine leather ends150 cm x 6 cm
Rayzm embroidered guitar strapBraided cotton156 cm x 5 cm
Dat Strap #1Genuine leather153 cm x 5 cm
Fender Sangle Monogrammed 5cHigh quality polyester133.5 cm
Atidy Adjustable leather strapSynthetic leather162 cm x 6.5
Art tributePolyester and cotton with synthetic leather ends170 cm x 5.1 cm

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