A guide to buy the best Ibanez guitars for all learning levels: reviews and prices

Beginner Level

Ibanez IJRX20-BKN

Intermediate Level


Advanced Level

Ibanez JEM77P

Which Ibanez Guitar to buy? The best options for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

The Ibanez guitar is a Japanese brand with a Spanish heart that has managed to satisfy the needs of any type of user. Ibanez electric guitars are dynamic, aesthetically appealing and technologically powerful. Their popularity has become so widespread that rock and heavy metal guitarists have adopted them as their favorite brand and have their own signature guitars.

This acceptance goes beyond marketing or advertising, it has to do directly with the quality and what this brand offers for the musical style they represent. Metal guitarists love them for their powerful sound, quality of their instruments and excellent prices.

Want to buy an Ibanez electric guitar? In this article we have selected and analyzed the best models from this manufacturer for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians. Learn about their design features and materials, advantages and disadvantages, prices and more.

Origin of the Ibanez guitar

This brand is of Spanish origin. The luthier Salvador Ibánez started it at the beginning of the 20th century. His guitars were distributed under the name “Ibanez Salvador” almost exclusively in Japan and by Hoshino Gakki as importer. After the economic crisis experienced during 1929, the Spanish luthier stopped manufacturing, so Gakki began to work independently.

The Ibanez company records sales from 1957 to the present, but it was after 1960 that the Ibanez guitar began to become popular in the United States and worldwide. They currently have a wide range of stringed musical instruments, such as acoustic guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, bass guitars, among others.

Evolution of the Ibanez guitar

In its new start as a brand in 1957, this company copied the designs of other companies and received many copyright lawsuits. Undoubtedly, this was decisive for Ibanez to start designing its own models, among which are the following:

  • Iceman: it was an original guitar characterized by four potentiometers, two humbuckers and a three-way selector. By all accounts, you can see that this was a copy of the Gibson electronics. However, the body design was original and significantly different from Gibson.
  • Roadstar: this guitar was the first step towards the current Ibanez design. At first it was like a Stratocaster, but the Ibanez Roadstar was characterized by rounder curves and a less flat body. In addition, it had two potentiometers, H-S-S microphone configuration and a five-way selector.
  • RG series: this is the current and most popular model of the Ibanez company. The body design of an Ibanez RG is practically the same as that of a Stratocaster, but with straighter lines and pointed cutaways. These guitars have 24 frets and began to carry the first Edge and Lo-Pro Edge bridge models.

Ibanez Guitar Ambassadors

It can be said that Ibanez dominates the electric guitar market. Most semi-professional and professional musicians prefer Ibanez guitars. This is due to its 24 frets, the floating bridge -which is one of the best on the market- and the huge electronic configuration that its mid-high range models can have. Among its guitarist ambassadors are:

Paul Gilbert

He was the guitarist for Racer X and Mr. Big, considered one of today's shredding giants. It has an Ibanez signature that is distinguished by two violin-style “F's” on the top.

Steve Vai

Academic, transcriber of music for Frank Zappa, replacement for Yngwie Malmsteen in the band Alcatrazz and former student of Satriani when he was an excellent accordionist. He has his own signature guitar , one of the company's most popular: the Ibanez Steve Vai.

Joe Satriani

Although Ibanez has many ambassadors, the most representative, along with Steve Vai, is Joe Satriani. Its guitars are the company's best-selling signatures.

Noodles (The Offspring)

Old schoolers will know who this guitarist from the band The Offspring was. He also has his signature guitar which is a mix between Epiphone and Telecaster, something quite unique.

Herman Li

DragonForce's flagship guitarist who is considered one of today's fastest guitarists. He has always been a user of Ibanez guitars and also has a signature model.

Munky (Korn)

Who doesn't remember Munkey from the band Korn? He also has a signature seven-string guitar.

Mick Thompson

The Slipknot guitarist has represented the brand as a guitarist for the popular band. He also has his own signature Ibanez .

Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth)

This is a Brazilian guitarist who was part of the bands Angra and Megadeth. He has always used Ibanez and has his own signature instrument.

Andy Timmons

Andy Timmons is one of the most versatile guitarists of our time and a genuine representative of the guitar shred. He also has an Ibanez signature guitar.

Ibanez guitar models

The manufacturer Ibanez has an impressive variety of guitars. It's true that they have their own models, but they also offer dupes of other brands:

Ibanez Hollow body guitar

Ibanez Hollow guitars are really good. The Ibanez Artcore AF75, for example, is a guitar made for jazz, with excellent value for money. The Ibanez AS53-TF is also very good.

Ibanez Semi Hollow body Guitar

Semi Hollow models are excellent for beginners and even intermediates.

Ibanez Solid body guitar

The Ibanez company has a huge stock of solid body guitars, Epiphone and Gibson replicas. It also features Fender dupes, such as the RG series Superstrat and many good quality custom designs.

Differences between Ibanez guitars based on learning levels

  • Woods: Low-end Ibanezes look like they are made of chipboard or MDF, because they are very light. But in the middle and upper ranges the woods are more decent.
  • Electronics: there is also an abysmal difference in the electronics and the cheap models sound plastic. The sound gives a lot to talk about in the cheaper models, but everything starts to improve in their more advanced models.
  • Finish: Ibanez is somewhat careless with the finish of its entry-level guitars. You may find, for example, that the frets protrude from the fingerboard and that the microphones or potentiometers come a little loose.

Our recommendations for buying an Ibanez guitar

Ibanez guitars are excellent instruments. But some areas for improvement have also been reported, especially in the more economical models. Therefore, it's important to contact the seller directly to verify that the guitar is in good condition.

Tell the salesperson to check:

  • Correct functioning of the electronics.
  • Aesthetic integrity of the guitar.
  • Octavado of the guitar.
  • Packaging.

The best Ibanez guitars for beginners:

  1. Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200-BK
  2. Ibanez RG421EX-BKF
  3. Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature
  4. Ibanez Ibanez AS53-TF

The best Ibanez guitars for intermediate players:

  1. Ibanez JEMJR-WH
  2. Ibanez AS63T-SFG

The best Ibanez guitars for advanced players:

  1. Ibanez JEM77P-BFP
  2. Ibanez JS2480-MCR Joe Satriani

The best Ibanez electric guitars for beginner guitarists

Ibanez guitars for beginners are inexpensive instruments. The company prefers to incorporate elements to offer a complete package instead of improving the quality of the guitar. This Ibanez strategy has made its packs the most purchased by beginner guitarists, since they are not looking for a guitar for its quality, but for the necessary equipment to get started in the world of rock.

Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200-BK

guitarra Ibanez pack

Good ergonomics. It has all the components a beginner needs.


The sound is not very good. New Zealand pine is not the best wood for fingerboard. The amplifier is of poor quality.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: linden, maple, New Zealand pine.
  • Scale: 648 mm.
  • Country of manufacture: China.
  • Weight: 9 kg pack. 3.1 kg guitar only.

The guitar in this series belongs to the 2019 batch and has features that improve some aspects of the instrument. Ibanez was forced to make these changes because their previous models were the object of so many complaints. Let's see how much the Ibanez beginner guitar has improved.


The Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200-BK electric guitar has a body made of solid basswood, which significantly improves the weight and acoustic performance of the instrument. The basswood has a solid maple top that also improves sound performance.

Ibanez guitars of the 2019 batch have a fretboard in new Zealand pine wood. We don't like this wood because it's more fragile than rosewood, and doesn't provide any acoustic improvement. However, there are some improvements in the quality of the woods because they are now heavier. But the change in the tuning fork was an effort to compensate for the costs of the body and in our view, it was a mistake.


This guitar has the body of an Ibanez RG, called Superstrat. It's one of the most modern and lightest bodies on the market. The scale is 648 mm, smaller than the 650 mm usually used on an Epiphone or Fender guitar. However, this measure has certain advantages that we will describe in ergonomics.

It has 24 frets that add up to two octaves, something highly sought after by rock and heavy metal guitarists. In addition, the fingerboard has dot-shaped inlays for beginners to recognize the frets during practice sessions. The bridge of this guitar is the T102 tremolo system, an improvement over the one used in previous years.

The 2019 series features H-Hpickups: bridge humbucker and neck humbucker, with two potentiometers for master volume and master tone, plus a five-way selector. The amplifier offers only 10 watts of power and basic controls for volume, three-band EQ and overdrive switch. This amplifier is of poor quality, saturates, cannot be used at maximum volume and suffers from a lot of interference.

In addition to the guitar and amplifier, this pack includes a cable for connecting the guitar and a cable for powering the amplifier. It also includes a digital guitar tuner, a supra-aural headphone, a guitar strap, an accessory storage case and a guitar case. It's the most complete beginner's pack on the market.


Good. In this instrument we find more comfort than in competing guitars. The 648 mm scale and two octaves mean smaller frets that better fit the hands of a teenager or child. Similarly, the weight of the Ibanez guitar is about 3.1 kg, lighter compared to the Epiphone at 3.6 kg and the Squier at 3.2 kg.

The scale is what we like the most because it's very smooth on any of the frets. Likewise, capo phrases and chords are touch-sensitive. In addition, the bendings are easy to make, something that all beginners appreciate.


The sound didn't convince us. We perceive it as plastic, dry, with a very poor reverb and sustain. However, this doesn't mean that it's not an ideal option for the student. The HH configuration provides the possibility to learn how to use the controls.

Then we have the five-way selector, whose first position activates the bridge mic. Here, we find a good gain for the student to experience his first guitar solos. With the second position of the selector and activating the overdrive, the student will have a sound that will allow him to explore his first heavy metal style riffs. In the third position you have the possibility to create the first lines with an air very close to funk.

Overall, we have several negative things to say about the sound, because it's very artificial and nuances are almost absent. However, we believe that it's a good option for a beginner guitarist to perform during their first two years.


Do we think this 2019 series is an improvement? In wood, yes, but the electronics still leave something to be desired. Nevertheless, this pack from Ibanez is a good option for beginners to have everything in one purchase. Neither the guitar nor the amp offer the sound we would like, but that's what you can get from a set that has all the elements for a learner for this affordable price. Interested? Find the best price at thomann.

Ibanez RG421EX-BKF

Guitarra Ibanez RG421

Good combination of woods. It's the best model from the brand in this price range.


The factory strings are a bit too thick for our taste. Not very versatile sound, characteristic of hard rock and metal.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: meranti, jatoba, maple.
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia.
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

This Ibanez guitar began production in 2015, and has since stood out for many reasons. In 2018, it underwent several changes, and was modified again in 2019 to obtain this guitar that we have reviewed in our TOP 10 electric guitars article. This is, in many ways, a completely different electric guitar. Find out why in this review.


In 2015, this Ibanez RG had a body made of mahogany, but in 2019 it was replaced by meranti. Meranti wood has excellent properties. It's almost as strong as mahogany but offers greater elasticity, which means it has greater acoustic properties.

The fingerboard is made of jatoba wood, a material incorporated in 2018 to replace rosewood. Jatoba is much more resistant but with less sonorous properties, although it has proven to work well in this guitar. Finally, we find maple in the neck, a wood that has excellent sound properties.


The design of this guitar is the RG Superstrat, a custom Ibanez design. It has 24 fretboards that are ideal for exploring all your possibilities and developing shred techniques. A significant difference from other Ibanez guitars is that it has a fixed bridge. This implies a limitation to make effects with tremolo lever, but so far, we're the only users who have complained about it.

This Ibanez RG has dot-shaped inlays across the fretboard that are very useful for beginner and intermediate players who still need help finding their way around the guitar. Regarding the electronics, we have two excellent Quantum series pickups that are characterized by a jumbo ceramic core. These microphones produce a very natural and powerful sound as the ceramic reduces sound processing. The fittings are black in color and are made of high quality stainless steel. Finally, the finish of this Ibanez electric guitar is matte black with white line edges that look great.


The Ibanez RG421EX-BKF weighs 3.3 kg. Compared to the Fender Squier, it's a little heavy, but you quickly adapt to it. But the 648 mm scale with the 24 frets is what we like most about these guitars. The softness of the touch is impressive, gentle in the first frets and improves a lot as you look for the last frets.

What is not so comfortable are the bendings, because this guitar comes with 0.010 strings from the factory. We recommend you change them to 0.009, but if you are in a metal band, then it's better to leave the 0.010 caliber ones.


The sound is great and has the characteristic hard rock and heavy metal punch that we love. In this regard, we note that the Quantum microphones were manufactured with the intention of providing a metal nuance. Although the microphones are humbuckers and the configuration is HH, the selector is five-way.

The first selector position activates the neck microphone, excellent for all things metal. The second position activates a parallel humbucker connection located on the neck. Similarly, in the third position both humbuckers are activated and it sounds excellent for power metal. Conversely, the fourth selector position creates a clean-sounding center humbucker, excellent for funk. Finally, in the fifth position you activate the bridge humbucker and get a wonderful gain for creating guitar phrases.

This guitar has been created for hard rock and therefore the sound is powerful, heavy and with a monstrous reverb.


Do you want to buy an electric guitar for heavy or metal? Then the Ibanez RG421EX guitar is for you. However, thanks to the awesome sound it has, when working clean you can create some funk riffs that will sound great. For these reasons we recommend it for all beginners and intermediate players who want an instrument with a defined personality. Find the best price for Ibanez at thomann.

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature

guitarra Ibanez

Excellent ergonomics and sound. Short scale, ideal for children and, why not, also for adults.


Easily detuned. It performs well for practicing and playing at home, but little more than that.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: poplar, maple.
  • Scale: 564 mm.
  • Country of manufacture China.
  • Weight: 2.8 kg.

The Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature has been on the market since 2017, and has enjoyed a lot of popularity ever since. This is because it has the smallest scale of any Ibanez, making it suitable for children, while its design and sound characteristics are really good.


Poplar wood in the body is an interesting variation. This wood is considered semi-hard, which means it's more flexible and therefore provides greater acoustic capabilities. The neck and fingerboard are made of maple, a wood that is very resistant to breakage, but also offers a lot in terms of acoustics.


This Ibanez guitar has a body designed in RG Superstrat shape. Aesthetically there are several elements that are attractive and catch our attention. One of them is the tuning keys, which are inverted and are precision-engineered. Also, the body has “F” shaped fretwork, and this is due to Gilbert's eagerness to compare his speed with that of violinist Niccolo Paganini.

The frets are medium jumbo, which is surprising for the small scale of this guitar (564 mm). It's a small but comfortable instrument. The 41 mm nut, far from the typical 52 mm, brings the strings much closer together.

Although this is an Ibanez signature guitar by Gilbert, it differs from other more recent ones because it doesn't have a floating bridge, but a fixed one. If you are a shredder, this will limit you with many techniques. However, the company did not skimp on the electronics and incorporated two Infinity R Humbucker microphones for the neck and bridge. In addition, there is a volume control, a three-way switch and a tone control.

Finally, the hardware is black and the guitar is finished in white to highlight all those details. We can say it's a very striking and versatile guitar.


As we have already stated, this Ibanez RG is small. Not only because of its 564 mm scale, but also because it has 24 frets and a 41 mm nut. Everything is smaller and fits very well for children. However, it's comfortable and easy to use by adults as well. Because it's so small, various guitar techniques are made gentler, such as tapping and bendings. Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to follow in the footsteps of Paul Gilbert, you will find in this guitar many things that will help you achieve your goals.

The smoothness of the strings is really good and the phrases are easy to play. This can contribute to the guitarist's expressiveness and gives him the freedom to create more. The harmonics are also good and facilitate forced harmonics. Despite being an inexpensive electric guitar, it's designed for the novice guitarist to find comfort and the possibility to develop as a musician.


This Ibanez guitar was designed with Paul Gilbert in mind. Perhaps for this reason, its most notable sonic characteristic is gain. It's an instrument with plenty of brightness and gain for the beginning player to find a sound with outrageous punch.

Infinity R Humbucker microphones and selector contribute to reinforce the gain in your sound. In clean mode, the third selector position has a subtlety that we appreciate because it gives an air of funk. The sound of the phrases in the first selector position is reminiscent of Gilbert's playing. If that's what you're looking for, then don't hesitate and go for this guitar.

We don't recommend it for blues because its too loud, but it's excellent for rock and metal. It also has some pop ballad vibes and some interesting funk riffs.


This Ibanez Paul Gilbert signature guitar is the perfect instrument for the beginner guitarist to follow in Gilbert's footsteps. It has punch, good sustain, raucous gain and a comfort that no other guitar from the Ibanez company can match. If you are interested in buying this Ibanez beginner electric guitar, follow the link to find the best price from thomann.

Ibanez AS53-TF

guitarra Ibanez AS53

Excellent construction.
Quality sound, versatile.


Doesn't perform well in tappings and bendings.


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Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: sapele, nyatoh, laurel.
  • Scale: 628 mm.
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia.
  • Weight: 3.4 kg.

The Ibanez AS53-TF guitar has been on the market since 2002 and has been received with great success. Many guitarists, both beginners and advanced, have found it to be a good, versatile and affordable jazz instrument.


The body and top of this Ibanez electric guitar are made of sapele wood. This material is stronger than maple and has less vibration. This is to be expected because it's a guitar designed for beginners in the world of jazz.

The other type of wood used is a rarity for us: nyatoh, a wood harder than mahogany. The fingerboard is made of laurel. Laurel is a wood of medium hardness that is nothing compared to rosewood, but it compensates for the elasticity that sapele and nyatoh lack.


The design of this guitar is a replica of the arch top popularized by Gibson, but if you look closely, you will notice that it's a bit more aesthetically pleasing. The body shape is slimmer and so is the mast, but it also has more delicate curves. As you would expect on an archtop, this guitar has two “F” shaped openings in the top. In addition, it has a Tune-O-Matic type fixed bridge called ART-ST by Ibanez.

The designers opted for a 628 mm scale, an excellent size for a guitar of this type. The neck is slim and from the Artcore series. This Ibanez guitar features 22 medium-sized frets with Pearl Dot inlays. In addition, it has two Infinity R series humbucker microphones, a master control for volume and a master control for tones. It also has a three-way selector that works great.

We can say that this guitar has a classic design but with certain modern aspects that are worthwhile.


The Ibanez AS53-TF weighs 3.4 kg. It seems like too much, but it actually has an impressive balance because it doesn't lean too far to either extreme. Plus, it has a 628 mm scale which is great for touch and for getting the jazz sound. At times it gives the impression of being an Ibanez electro-acoustic guitar but with an electric feel.

The only thing we can point out is that some techniques will be difficult to do. We refer to tapping and bending. This guitar is not for a bluesman or a rocketman, but it's ideal for the jazzman. Ibanez fulfilled its goal by creating a guitar for jazz, but with considerable versatility.


The sound is what we like the most. When connected to the amplifier and all controls are turned down, except for the volume, you may notice that the guitar doesn't emit any noise. This indicates that the electronics are in perfect condition and cleanliness is maximized. With the selector in the first position you can get a classic jazz sound, but in the second position there is a bebop feel that we love. The third position is where the versatility lies, because it offers clean sounds that are rich for funk. But everything gets better when you add distortion, because that's when the blues kicks in.

We're not saying that you can't play rock and roll with this guitar, because the truth is that it can do that and then some. But his guitar is for jazz for sure. In that genre lies its strength and all its potential.


We love this Ibanez guitar because it has a great sound that goes hand in hand with its excellent price. It isn't for nothing that even professional guitarists opt for it to save a few euros. We therefore recommend it for all beginners and intermediate players who want a versatile and inexpensive guitar. Interested? Find the best price for thomann.

Our recommendation:

If you are a beginner and want a complete package, then the Jumpstart IJRG200-BK pack is for you. But if you're looking for a hard rock or metal guitar, then the Ibanez RG421 is the right choice. However, the most versatile, dynamic and best value guitar on this list is the Ibanez AS53. If you are interested in buying an Ibanez guitar that can be used to play various genres of music, don't miss the opportunity to own an AS53.

The best options for intermediate guitarists

Ibanez has done a lot of work to create mid-level guitars that offer optimal quality. These are instruments with many high-level features, but with cost reductions in aspects such as reinforcements for the woods and neck. There is also less investment in electronics, although they are guitars that offer a high quality sound. Let's see what they have in store for us.


guitarra Ibanez JEMJR

Good combination of woods. Quality sound. Excellent ergonomics


The tremolo attachment is made of plastic.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: meranti, maple, jatoba.
  • Scale: 648 mm.
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia.
  • Weight: 3.6 kg.

The Ibanez JEM Junior guitar entered the market in 2002, but was discontinued and a revamped version was subsequently produced. The one in our top pick is the 2018 version, which incorporates modifications to the woods, although it retains the same microphone configuration.


The 2002 version had a mahogany body. However, in 2018 it was replaced by meranti wood which has the same resistance to breakage as mahogany and is cheaper. The neck is maple in one piece, which is a big change in intermediate guitars. With this guitar the company has ditched the multi-wood neck and that's great news, as the strength and sound have improved equally. The fingerboard is jatoba, another modification incorporated in 2018. This wood provides more flexibility than rosewood. It has less resistance, but this is something the designers have compensated for with other elements.

Overall, we like this wood configuration very much for several reasons. On the one hand, two of them have the same features as the more expensive versions. On the other hand, jatoba, although less resistant than the original, provides greater sound capabilities. Its apparent fragility is compensated for by the incorporation of an almost indestructible core rod.


The design of the Ibanez JEMJR is from the Superstrat series featuring a modern shape. If you are a Steve Vai fan, this guitar is ideal for you, as it integrates his stamp on the guitar body's neck. It also features other aesthetic elements reminiscent of Vai, such as the tree of life on the neck.

As for the frets, it has 24 jumbo-sized ones so you can play Steve Vai without fear of them wearing out in about twenty years. It also incorporates three Quantum series microphones in H-S-H configuration and a standard tremolo system with double locking. This is a replacement to the Edge III that went into operation in 2013 and features performance improvements at a low cost.

On the other hand, it incorporates a titanium core rod which is the ideal reinforcement for this neck. Finally, the hardware is black and the guitar is finished in white to make everything stand out.


Although this guitar can be considered heavy for its 3.6 kg, the truth is that it has an impressive balance. When you hold it you can feel that it stays stable, doesn't tilt or lose balance, which is great. The scale measures 648 mm, which is common for Ibanez guitars. It also features a slight taper on the neck for extra smoothness.

All the feel on the Ibanez Steve Vai is excellent, phrases feel like silk and capo chords are almost imperceptible. All the crazy things Vai does with the tremolo are amazing, especially the bendings. It's a versatile and aggressive instrument.


The sound is what you would expect and evokes Steve Vai to the fullest extent. The extra-large ceramic Quantum microphones pick up the sound very naturally. You can perceive how the actual vibration of the strings is expressed through the pickups.

The selector does an excellent job. The first position activates the neck humbucker and in the second position you have a humbucker between the center mic and the first pickup of the neck humbucker. When you use the third position you will find the cleanest sound you will ever hear in an intermediate guitar, as only the center pickup is activated in single format.

As for the fourth and fifth positions, they present the same change as the first one but this time with the bridge microphone. It's ideal for creating guitar solos and expressing yourself in the style of Vai. In the fifth position of the selector you also find a sound that you can use to create John 5-style country riffs and arpeggios.

Without fear of being wrong, we can say that this is one of the most versatile guitars on the market for intermediate players. Although we've always found Floyd Rose-style tremolo bridges to be a bummer, we included this guitar because it's great.


This Ibanez Steve Vai Signature guitar is the best guitar for intermediate players on the market. If you're an intermediate guitarist who doesn't want to look any further and want to buy the best in this price range, then the Ibanez JEM JR is for you. Find the best price at thomann.

Ibanez AS63T-SFG

guitarra Ibanez AS63

Great build quality, beautiful sound and aesthetics.



Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: Sapele, naytoh, laurel.
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia.
  • Weight: 4.2 kg.

Since 2002, Ibanez has offered this model of guitars that enjoys great acceptance on the market. Both for its resemblance to the more expensive Epiphone and for its excellent price, the AS63T series is by far the best hollow body guitar Ibanez has for the intermediate market.


Although with a superficial reading we can say that this guitar is the same as the AS53, the truth is that it goes a little further. Yes, it has a body made of sapele, the neck is made of nyatoh wood and also the fingerboard is made of laurel. The big difference is the wood rating, which is AAA solid, the highest quality offered by Ibanez.

This means that both strength and sound capabilities are higher because the wood has straighter grain, no knots or other defects common in other grades.


The Ibanez AS63T guitar has an archtop design , with a hollow body, two “F” openings in the top and 22 medium frets. It has a 628 mm scale with a smaller 43 mm capo. The hardware is chrome and the tuning keys are precision made. In addition, it has a bigsby B70 type vibrato tremolo bridge that works great.

As for the electronics, it has two Infinity series microphones, as well as a three-way selector and two potentiometers for volume and tone. It has a turquoise “Sea Foam” finish that looks great.


The feel of this guitar is really good, with a scale of 628 mm and a string height at 3.5 mm at the 12th fret. For chords it feels like a Takamine acoustic guitar, while phrases have the feel of a Les Paul. Overtones are not a problem and bendings are easy to do. Overall, this guitar has an excellent feel.


Ibanez guitars are usually not very versatile. However, this one is dynamic and covers a wide sound spectrum. The Infinity microphones work great and, together with the pickup selector functions, result in a great sound.

The first position activates the neck pickup which is meant especially for jazz and blues phrases and arpeggios. The second position creates a kind of center humbucker for very soul and funk sounds. As for the third position, it's especially for blues, but if you add distortion it's great for rock and roll.

The bending sound is excellent and the bend up down gives a wonderful sustain. The reverb is explosive and the sustain is dreamy. As for punch, it's also characteristic of jazz, but with distortion it goes great with blues rock and rock and roll. The Ibanez AS63T is one of the best hollow body guitars for any level of learning.


This is a hollow body guitar that has a fantastic sound, dynamic, with punch, excellent sustain and reverb. In addition, it has an ideal feel for jazz and bendings are no problem. We recommend it as a guitar that every intermediate musician needs to have and that every beginner should aspire to have, because it's excellent. Find the best price at thomann.

Our recommendation:

We have no problem recommending both guitars because each is ideal for a particular style. The Ibanez JEM Junior guitar is great for rock, heavy, funk and country, while the Ibanez AS63T is especially for jazz, blues and rock and roll. You don't lose with either because they are both great.

The best Ibanez guitars for advanced guitarists

The Ibanez guitar series for advanced players is characterized by incorporating the best technology available. Some of them have microphone configurations in partnership with Seymor Duncan, Dimarzio, Fishman and others, to create the most diverse and explosive sounds possible.

Ibanez JEM77P-BFP

guitarra Ibanez JEM

First class wood and sound. Beautiful steric. Indestructible.


Heavy and not very comfortable. Expensive.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: Basswood, maple, walnut.
  • Scale: 648 mm.
  • Country of manufacture: Japan.
  • Weight: 4.3 kg.

The Ibanez JEM77P is another Steve Vai signature guitar, but this time it's an iconic instrument. This instrument stands out thanks to many valuable aspects, such as the quality of its woods, the model of its microphones, the various aesthetic details and the sound. That is why we analyze it in this review.


Its body is made of American basswood which, unlike other varieties of basswood, is more elastic and has less hardness. Although it has a lower resistance to fracture, this is no cause for alarm.

The neck is maple with five-ply walnut reinforcement. This feature gives it the resistance that Ibanez Steve Vai guitars require because it plays a lot with the stretching. Likewise, the fingerboard is made of AAA+ maple, the highest quality we can expect in woods. Its durability is superior in many ways and the sound quality is impressive. Undoubtedly, this is a guitar with top quality materials.


Like all ibanez Steve Vai signature guitars , this model has an RG or Superstrat style body. Aesthetic details also abound and are characteristic of Vai: inlays with tree-of-life design, grip die-cut on the top of the body, and potentiometers and microphones in highlight color.

It features the typical 24 jumbo-sized frets, an Edge II series bridge, double locking and all-black hardware. For the microphones, Ibanez, in partnership with Dimarzio, has incorporated a pair of Dimarzio pickups from the Gravity Storm and Evolution series.

A valuable detail is that it incorporates a soul of the KTS company. This company specializes in the manufacture of aerospace titanium hardware. In addition, the guitar includes an Ibanez gigbag with Kevlar stitching and reinforcements. Finally, the finish is presented in a blue floral pattern.


The signature JEM77P is a heavy guitar at 4.3 kg and we can't say it's the most comfortable. But, like other signature instruments, it has an exceptional balance. A professional guitarist always appreciates an instrument that doesn't lose balance when in use. For this reason, Les Pauls continue to sell, but this Ibanez is unquestionably more versatile.

Besides the balance, it has an impressive feel and that's what we like most about the guitar. Increasing comfort in touch is something that professionals appreciate and this guitar has it. Despite having a 648 mm scale, common in this Ibanez range, this guitar makes up for the sacrifice guitarists make to reach such a high technical level.

Likewise, we notice that this guitar has a slight slope in the neck that gives it an extra smoothness and is similar to the other Ibanez Steve Vai guitars. Playing this guitar is simply a blast because everything is easy to do. The bendings, forced harmonics, sweep picking, everything is comfortable for the fingers. The tremolo is excellent. You can stretch it any way you want, but it will never lose pitch and it won't break.


The AAA woods in this guitar produce a significant change in the sound result. The basswood body has an excellent response to mid and high frequencies, both for its flexibility and for the absence of defects. The maple with the walnut composed of five layers contributes to project the harmonics in an incredible way.

But that's not all, because we have two Dimarzio Gravity Storm microphones and one from the Evolution series. These are two of the four most versatile pickups that Dimarzio has. Now, with the right electronic configuration and knowing how to use the five-way selector, you can get all the tonal ranges you want.

This is what we love, because this is a guitar that will last a lifetime and may be the only guitar you need to play any style or genre of music.


If we had to choose one guitar out of all the guitars in the world, we would definitely choose one of these Ibanez Steve Vai Signature guitars. The Ibanez JEM77P provides excellent wood quality, an impressive finish and unquestionable sound technology. This is the guitar that every professional musician deserves and for them we recommend it. Interested? Find the best price at thomann.

Ibanez JS2480-MCR Joe Satriani

Guitarra Ibanez JS2480

Excellent woods. Highest quality sound technology.


The feel is not the best. Expensive.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Wood: basswood, maple, bubinga, rosewood.
  • Scale: 648 mm.
  • Country of manufacture: Japan.
  • Peso: 3.8 kg.

Since 2018, the music world has enjoyed the sound of this Joe Satriani signature guitar, a jewel of music technology. And while its woods are excellent and the finish beautiful, what we liked the most is its sound.


The Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature electric guitar has an American basswood body. This is one of the best woods for making high-end guitars because it offers a flexibility that enhances the acoustic capabilities of the guitar. The neck has a three-piece maple and bubinga (guibourtia demeusei) design. Maple is quite common for its strength, flexibility and sound qualities, while bubinga is an exotic and high quality wood.

Bubinga is a replacement for cedar. It matches it in resistance but offers very different harmonic tones that enrich the interpretation. The fingerboard is made of rosewood because this will always be an ideal wood for manufacturing in Europe, Asia and North America.

It would be a mistake to compare the Ibanez Steve Vai with Satriani's, because the configuration of their woods provide different nuances. In addition, the dimensions and weight are different, which also influences the sound.


The design of this guitar is the one that most resembles the Ibanez RGs of the eighties because it has rounded edges. It's an instrument with a delicate, subtle appearance and provides a better visual experience than other Ibanez guitars. The neck is very slim and has an impressive comfort that is in keeping with Satriani's legato technique. In addition, it has 24 medium sized frets to add two octaves which are very useful for shredding.

For the tremolo, the designers opted for Ibanez's Edge, an option similar to the original Floyd Rose that has showcased great performance. In terms of electronics, the partnership with the Dimarzio company made it possible to incorporate a pickup with a Sustainiac driver for the neck and a DiMarzio humbucker from The Satchur8 series, customized for Satriani in the bridge.

It also has a Sustainiac series switch for tone control that works with a push/pull potentiometer and has a three-way Sustainiac series switch. All this is complemented by a Stealth Pro preamplifier powered by 9v.

The hardware is matte black and the guitar has the characteristic “Muscle Car Red” cherry red finish. As a bonus, the company adds a hard case so that your investment is protected.


This Ibanez guitar has a feel adapted to the Satch technique and this is due to the custom JS design that Joe Satriani introduced to the neck. The travel across the fingerboard is ideal for slurs, while the string profile has excellent sensitivity for tapping and is especially suited for bendings.

Sweeps or arpeggios also have a certain ease with this Ibanez electric guitar, but feel better on other models. Do we think this is the best touch? No, but this is because it's customized for Satriani's technique which is very difficult to match.


In terms of sound, this guitar is a technological marvel. The Satchur8 microphones are supported by an alnico 8 bar and offer an extremely stable response. They have a resistance of 12.73 kohm, are powerful and have a 6 db mark for the bass, 6.5 db for the mids and 4.5 db for the brights.

Another microphone is the Dimarzio with Sustainiac driver that increases sustain values by 25% and improves frequency clarity by 12%. The push knobs are responsible for activating the extra sustain and tone channels for clarity.

If you've ever noticed at G3 concerts that Satch's guitar has more presence, it's for this reason. This guitar is the one that offers the best electronics and switch to boost everything.


If we had to choose between two guitars to spend the rest of our lives with, one of them would be this Joe Satriani signature. We love the technology and it has that extra component that makes it special. Find the best price at thomann.

Our recommendation:

We have in our top professional guitars two signatures: the Vai and the Satriani. Both are amazing and we cannot simply say that one is better than the other. In other words, the only two guitars we would spend our lives with would be the Vai and the Sat signature. They are great, one of a kind and will go down in history as icons of electric guitars in general, and of Ibanez guitars and shred.

We also recommend you check our guide on how to recognize an original Gibson. and the best capos for guitar.

Technical Characteristics of Ibanez Guitars


WeightWoodScaleManufacturing Country
Ibanez Jumpstart IJRG200-BK9 kg per packBasswood, maple, New Zealand pine648 mmChina
Ibanez RG421EX-BKF3.3 kgMeranti, jatoba, maple648 mmIndonesia
Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature2.8 kgPoplar, maple564 mmChina
Ibanez AS53-TF3.4 kgSapele, nyatoh, laurel628 mmIndonesia
Ibanez JEMJR-WH3.6 kgMeranti, maple, jatoba648 mmIndonesia
Ibanez AS63T-SFG4.2 kgSapeli, naytoh, laurel628 mmIndonesia
Ibanez JEM77P-BFP4.3 kgBasswood, maple, walnut648 mmJapan
Ibanez JS2480-MCR Joe Satriani3.8 kgBasswood, maple, bubinga, rosewood648 mmJapan

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