Vangoa Ewi-100 midi saxophone review

Additionally, it includes finger pads and a mouthpiece with two silicone tips. The small screen on this lightweight instrument provides controls for tone selection (from 10 integrated tones), volume levels adjustable for 30 reverb effect levels, breath requirements coordination with three sensitivity settings (easy/standard/heavy) adapting to individual preferences and experience level.

Designed ergonomically to improve learning experiences throughout all stages from beginners to advanced musicians; perforations facilitate quick pressure on raised holes overshadowing traditional concave ones fitting two fingering options suiting player preference being saxophone or flute.

Vangoa Ewi-100

vangoa saxo


  • Built-in Tones:
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Adjustable Blowing Sensitivity


Compact design


The B flat/a sharp fingering options are not ideal
Bluetooth Latency

Dynamic Playing Enabled by Breath Control Features & More

One standout feature is its highly sensitive breath sensor that allows dynamic playing experiences ending on expressive notes aligned through fading or powering them accordingly given their breathing patterns inputting adaptively easier or harder modes as per player preference providing user flexibility targeted at beginners who would want softer tones initially before extending towards powerful sound controls over time gaining mastery skills synced multi-functionally infused via key driving through back finger pads changing octaves radically favoring experienced players currently engaged within musical explorations intuitively.

Versatility Evoked through Seamless Connectivity Options

This versatile tool connects smoothly via Bluetooth or USB MIDI controllers fostering extended creative uses differentiated across applications and software for musical endeavors targeting performers, composers or singers beyond traditional confines circumventing instruments.

Unbeatable Value & Worth of the Vangoa Ewi-100

Priced at $69.95 USD along with longer-lasting rechargeable batteries that offer continuous 4-hour playability compared to competing models; the headphone jack offers compatibility essentials infusing silent practice any time anywhere through this portable compact package promising unprecedented value.

Conclusion: An Investment Worthwhile Considering Versatility on Offer by the Vangoa Ewi-100

The versatile adaptable saxophone from Vangoa offers unique breath control settings combined with varied fingering choices, explicit connectivity options, several inbuilt tonal preferences honing practicability into a valuable addition catering towards both beginners & experienced musicians seeking expansions within other similar wind-based instruments embedding creative processes backed up competitively priced acquisition opportunities opening doors within musical realms previously untouched.


Can the Vangoa Ewi-100 be used as a MIDI controller?

Yes, the Ewi-100 can connect as a MIDI controller through either Bluetooth or a USB port.

What are the fingering options on the Vangoa Ewi-100?

The Ewi-100 offers two fingering settings: saxophone and flute. The saxophone setting is the default, but the flute setting can be activated for players more familiar with that instrument.

How does the breath control feature work on the Vangoa Ewi-100?

The Ewi-100 has a highly sensitive breath sensor that allows for dynamic playing.

You can control the volume of the instrument with your breath, adding a level of expressiveness that’s not often found in electronic wind instruments.

Can I practice silently with the Vangoa Ewi-100?

Yes, the Ewi-100 has a headphone jack that allows you to practice silently. This makes it an ideal choice for musicians who want to practice anytime, anywhere.

What is the price of the Vangoa Ewi-100?

The Vangoa Ewi-100 is priced at $69.95 USD. Considering its features and versatility, it offers excellent value for its price.

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