Marshall Major IV: Meet the best wireless on-ear headphones of 2024

Marshall Major IV cover



Sound quality, easy to use controls, audio cable for passive use, battery life.


The sound profile is not the most faithful.

Technical Characteristics Marshall Major IV:

  • Type: On-ear.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and cable.
  • Battery: 80 hours.
  • SPL: 99dB.
  • Impedance: 32 Ω.
  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz.
  • Weight: 165 gr.

The Marshall Major IV are comfortable wireless on-ear headphones that have the retro, rocking look of the brand’s amplifiers. They integrate easy-to-use controls and offer a very pleasant sound, with strong bass that generates a lot of impact.

Today, True Wireless headphones have dominated the market and it’s difficult to find a quality on-ear headset. The Marshall Major IV is a great choice for those looking for comfort in a compact headband body. In this article, we tell you all about its features, pros and cons.

Marshall Major IV body


The Major IV has an on-ear design and the brand’s iconic look. The cups are square and have rounded edges. They are generously padded and very comfortable, as is the headband on the inside. The outside of the band is covered by a faux leather that gives it an elegant touch. You can wear them for hours without discomfort.

The headband produces enough pressure to keep them secure, but they do not cause discomfort. Once you find the best fit, the Marshall Major IVs passively attenuate outside noise. Of course, in very noisy environments you will find it difficult to hear the audio well.

Marshall doesn’t offer a case with the purchase package (only the 3.5mm and USB-C cables). However, these wireless headsets have a foldable structure, so they are easy to carry and do not take up much space. On the other hand, they feel sturdy, even though they are made of hard plastic.

If you like the brand’s amplifiers, you’ll love these Bluetooth headphones. They are black and feature the Marshall signature on the outside of both cups. Apart from this, there are no unnecessary ornaments. These are simple, functional headphones that look great.

Controls and connectivity

The only other eye-catching feature of the Marshall Major IVs, apart from the logo on both cups, is the multi-directional gold control, an intuitive and simple way to operate all of the headset’s functions .

Many wireless headphones integrate complicated controls, but this is not the case with the Marshall Major IV. The multi-function potentiometer allows you to manage playback and answer calls by pressing it once. Also rewind or fast forward songs.

Moving it up or down subtly changes the volume, and holding it down turns on the Marshall Major IVs and activates Bluetooth pairing mode. By pressing it twice, you can also activate your phone’s personal assistant, such as Siri, Google or Alexa.

This model works with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the connection is very solid. It also has a 3.5mm port for wired use. With the audio cable you can connect it to another pair of headphones to share music.

MM cups

Battery life

The autonomy of the Marshall Major IV headphones reaches 80 hours, a truly amazing number. The capacity varies according to the volume you use, but it’s one of the best on the market. You can charge them with the USB-C cable or wirelessly with a compatible Qi pad.

Sound quality

Inside, they have 40mm transducers and work with a frequency range of 20-20kHz. The audio performance is remarkable, as long as you have the right setting. Sound quality is affected if the cups do not adequately cover the ears, but this is normal for on-ear headphones.

The Major IVs deliver crisp mid-tones, well-defined highs and amazing bass. Bass is deep and undistorted. The sound profile is not the most faithful due to the strength of the bass, but the mid tones are not overshadowed.

The audio is pleasant and ideal for playing any genre of music, especially those with a high bass presence. The sound spatiality is not so expansive. That said, instruments sound clear and details are good in all keys.

The Marshall Major IVs deliver audio with a good sense of dynamics. The songs flow from the quietest to the most intense moments flawlessly and the crisp tones convey all the energy of the instruments.

Overall, the sound profile is well balanced, although they do not compare to HiFi headphones in terms of fidelity. The Marshall Major IV headphones are perfect if you want comfortable headphones for all-day music listening, especially if you like strong bass.

MM IV accessories

What do we like about the Marshall Major IV?

First, they have the brand’s iconic look. They look great with their retro look. They are also very comfortable and easy to wear. We love the multifunction potentiometer for its versatility. They offer great sound with strong bass, wireless connectivity works flawlessly and they have an auxiliary audio port. And the best part: the battery lasts up to 80 hours.

What don’t we like about them?

The sound is pleasant, but not the most faithful because of the emphasized bass. Other than this, it’s difficult to find any other significant cons. Sound quality can suffer if you don’t have the right fit, although this is to be expected with any pair of on-ear headphones.

Conclusion on the Marshall Major IV

The Marshall Major IV is a comfortable on-ear headset that integrates an incredible drum kit. They offer good sound quality and feel sturdy. They are portable, lightweight and very attractive, ideal for everyday use, as you can wear them for hours without discomfort. Interested? Find the best price on Amazon.

Marshall Major IV opinions

This model has a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon Spain and more than 80% of users rate it with the highest score. Overall, the vast majority consider the Marshall Major IV to be one of the best on-ear headphones on the market. That said, below we included some varied reviews highlighted on the shopping portal.

  • M&M: “The sound is amazing and the battery lasts up to 18 days using them 10 hours a day. They fit any size head perfectly and the audio sounds impeccable. They are very comfortable and the Bluetooth works great.”
  • Luis: “I bought it after reading the user reviews and I am delighted. They sound great, they are light and comfortable. The battery life is great. It’s a great purchase.”
  • Toyo: “Powerful sound and good quality. These are good mid-range headphones, though not the most comfortable.”

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